Gibby’s DAWGS Key to WVU Finishing 10 – 2

If you are a WVU football fan you have to be proud of the 2016 Mountaineers. A lot of people including myself thought WVU would win no more than 7 or 8 games. Many of us felt this way due to all the talent WVU lost on defense. D.C. Tony Gibson proved us all wrong. WVU has one of the best defenses in college football. These are Gibby’s DAWGS.

These guys played their hearts out in the win over Baylor. Gibby made the defensive calls and his DAWGS executed. And they had to if WVU was going to win this one, for the offense struggled all 4 quarters.

WVU’s QB really struggled today. Howard was 10 for 26 passing for 111 yards and a QB rating of 30.7. Howard’s 38.4 completion percentage was his lowest of the year. Not all of this is on Howard as the WVU receivers dropped a few catchable balls. The other thing hurting WVU was Howard repaetedly trying to hit the deep ball to Shelton Gibson who was in double coverage all day.

I was surprised we didn’t see more short and intermediate passes over the middle to Daikiel Shorts, Kennedy McKoy, or Jovon Durante, etc. I am not sure if Howard’s numbers are a result of Howard being off or Coach Holgorsen wanting to get quick scores.

I thought it was odd that Kicker Mike Molina connected on a 50 yard field goal and missed 2 much shorter ones.

While the offense struggled against Baylor, the defense pretty much played lights out. The DAWGS got  2 interceptions and recovered 2 fumbles. The last fumble recovery sealed the win for WVU. The DAWGS also had 4 sacks against Baylor, and held the Baylor offense to 44o total yards.

There were a few WVU plays that got my adrenaline going. Daikiel Shorts TD in the back of the end-zone; Shelton Gibson Kick-off return for a TD that was called back; Justin Crawford’s 65-yard run; and Gary Jennings 58 yard touchdown catch and run.

There were way too many penalties today. There for awhile it was like the officials didn’t have enough flags, for there would be multiple penalties per play. Saying the game was sloppy would be an understatement.

WV and WVU fans have a team to be proud of. WVU completes the season finishing 3rd in the Big 12 winning 7 of the 9 conference games. That is WVU’s best conference finish since entering the Big 12.

It was good to hear Holgorsen received a 5-year contract extension. Let’s also hope he can keep this staff intact.

Congratulations to Holgorsen, his staff, and the players on a very successful Big 12 season!!!

GO EERs!!!

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