WVU Bounces Back From OU Loss

The Mountaineers bounced back from the Sooner loss to beat the Iowa State Cyclones 49 – 19.

Depth at receiver and running back were key to WVU’s win over Iowa State. Holgorsen burned freshman Martell Pettaway’s redshirt against ISU and it proved to be a game changer. Pettaway had 30 carries for 181 yards, caught 1 pass for 25 yards and scored 1 touchdown.

We never saw Rushel Shell in this game. Justin Crawford got 7 carries in the 1st quarter for 29 yards before leaving the game with an injury, and Kennedy McKoy had 2 carries in the 1st quarter for 1 yard and a touchdown and after the TD he didn’t return. We never saw Crawford or McKoy after the 1st quarter. Wellman had 3 carries for 13 yards.

Ka’Raun White had 2 catches for 37 yards and a TD before leaving the game with an ankle sprain. True freshman Marcus Simms had 3 catches for 76 yards and a TD as White’s replacement. Shelton Gibson had 3 catches for 161 yards and 2 TDs. The surprise today was Tevon Wesco catching a pass. Yes, after 5 drops in 2 games, Wesco finally caught his first pass of the season; a 6-yard TD pass.

Skyler Howard completed 12 of 21 passes for 330 yards and 5 TDs with no INTs for a 57% completion rate. He also ran the ball 9 times for 48 yards. While Howard could be an NFL late round draft choice, I don’t see him as QB in the NFL with the possible exception of Cleveland. I believe Howard it as a running back in the NFL.

WVU’s defense had a good game on the scoreboard while allowing over 500 yds. Kazir White had a good game, Rasul Douglas got his 8th interception. The DBs broke up 10+ passes, and the defense recovered 3 fumbles. WVU had no turnovers this day.

This was a good team win following last week’s debacle against the Sooners.

Going forward I hope we see more of Pettaway, and that Wesco can continue to catch.

Though he over threw Simms in the end-zone, Chris Chugunov showed off his arm. That ball came out of his hand quickly and it had to travel 60 yards. What was impressive was that he didn’t have to lean back. The ball was just about at head level when he moved his arm forward and released it. Chugs has a cannon of an arm. Even the announcers were impressed and commented on it.

Chugs could give Will Grier a run for his money next year for the starting QB position. There is a lot of hype on Grier, but he hasn’t won the starting job yet. Timing with the receivers will be key to winning the starting job.

WVU should beat Baylor next week and finish the regular season 10 – 2. I was one of those who believed WVU would win only 7 or 8 games this season, but I am glad I was wrong.

The way I see it, WVU and the alumni and other supporters need to get ready to open up their pocket books, and give all the coaches a raise, for they can’t afford to lose any of these coaches. Gibby deserves to be making a million plus, and Holgorsen deserves to be making close to $6M. Open up the checkbook and pay these coaches. They deserve it!

GO EERs!!!


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