WVU’s Loss To OU Was A Team Loss

After watching the Mountaineers 56 – 28 loss to the Sooners last night I had so much going through my head, that I needed to sleep on it. This morning I have yet to read any articles or listen to any interviews.

The WVU football players loss this game. Head Coach Dana Holgorsen nor his coaching staff are to blame for this loss, nor can WVU QB Skyler Howard be blamed. This loss lays squarely on the shoulders of the players on all three sides of the ball.

I tip my hat to the coaching staff and Howard for trying to rally the troops along the sideline. I do not tip my hat to the thousands of WVU fans who booed the team and who booed Howard this night. The actions of thousands of WVU fans and many of the WVU football players on this night were deplorable.

I have been going to sporting events since I was a very young boy, and even today at age 65 and suffering from IBM disease, I stay at sporting events until they are over. This past Friday night, I went with a friend to Cincinnati to see the Bearcats play Memphis. My friend asked if I wanted to leave at the end of the 3rd quarter, for Cincinnati was losing badly. I asked him if the tickets were only good for  3 quarters. We, unlike most other fans, left when the game after game clock in the 4th quarter turned to all zeros.

I don’t care if I am attending a youth, high school, college or professional sporting event, I stay until the end, and I don’t care what the weather is, for I go prepared for it. For its about the team and not me.

I tip my hat to the couple who remained cuddled in the empty stands, last night, after everyone else had left, for they were true fans.

The WVU players began play last night like they had never been in cold weather nor had seen snow before. Oklahoma came not just to play, but to win, and win they did. The WVU players talk a good game, but they couldn’t back it up.

The early antics on the football field, by both teams got into the heads of the WVU players and they got so mad they thought more about getting revenge rather than playing football. This was highlighted when two WVU players received separate unsportsmanlike penalties at the end of the same play, causing the defense to give up 30-yards.

For a defense that throughout the past two seasons that had been known for its tackling, on this night they couldn’t have tackled me and my walker.

To those WVU players who didn’t stoop to the lows of their teammates, and who came to play, I tip my hat to you as well as those fans who did not boo. For those who booed this team in winter conditions, instead of yelling your support, shame on you, for you not only embarrassed this team, the coaches and players, but on national TV you showed you are not the supporting fan base you claim to be.

I am a WVU fan. I wear my WVU gear with pride, and I will not do anything to shame WVU or WV. Unfortunately last night in Morgantown, there were many fans and players who do not have the same pride as many others of us do. I worked 12-years in the underground coal mines in McDowell County, WV, and I am still proud of the state and still proud to have been a coal miner. What I witnessed last night, I am ashamed of, for I saw little Mountaineer pride.

Signed this day by a Proud Mountaineer

George N. O’Bryan

GO EERs!!!

4 thoughts on “WVU’s Loss To OU Was A Team Loss

  1. my wife and I are season ticket holders, have missed one game in 24 years, that was this year. our sons gave us a fifty years wedding gift, a trip to Italy. we followed wvu on internet. this past Ok game was terrible, the booing was uncalled for. our section 108 did not act like Aholes the booing crowd were people that purchased scalped tickets, also left early. we did leave with 5 minutes on the clock. the fellow that sits to my right is a former player and he said he was leaving also. my wife did not want to miss the handicap bus. again another first.on a good note that I had a room mate from WAR wv he went to Big Creek high school. small world

    • Hello, Farm Kid!

      Thank you for your response.

      Yes, if you lived in. War, you attended Big Creek HS.

      Big Creek, Gary and Northfork back when were the only AA high Schools in the county. Welch was AAA and Ieager was A.

      Mountview in Welch is now the only HS in the county.

      What has happened to McDowell County is discusting and heart wrenching.

      The coal companies and the politicians got rich and have left the people there to fend for themselves.

      No used the big money to build an infrastructure to sustain jobs and a quality of life. Back when Coal was King, McDowell County was King of Coal.

      Until the county, State & Feds begin create an infrastructure to sustain jobs, I see little resolve there.

      Happy Thanksgiving!


  2. I have to admit that I did boo Howard’s poor decision making on the play early in the game when I believed he could have run for a first down, but instead threw the ball wat out of bounds. While I can say that I might be wrong about the first down I know for a fact that he wouldve gained more yards by running than he did throwing that one away. However I did not boo him on the very next play when the ball clearly slipped out of his hand and sailed way over the head of his intended reciever. He also throws alot of his deep passes out of bounds leaving our receiver with no chance of making a good catch. Howard didn’t lose this game though, at least not by himself. Too many turnovers cost us our second loss of the season as we gave up 4 touchdowns off of those turnovers and again loss by 4 touchdowns. I do consider myself a true fan of the Mountaineers and I and my wife, who hates being cold, did stay until clock read all zeros at the end of the fourth quarter.

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