If WVU Can Win Over The Sooners

If WVU can win over the Sooners like Houston beat Louisville, they deserve to be a Top 5 team in the College Football Playoff rankings.

Any one who knows me has heard me talk about Clemson and Louisville being over rated. Clemson’s 3 close games and eventual loss to Pitt, and Louisville’s loss to Clemson and Houston prove my point. Neither Clemson nor Louisville can beat Alabama, Ohio State, Michigan, Washington, Oklahoma or West Virginia. These teams defenses are much too physical for Clemson or Louisville.

I have also questioned the Cardinals QB Lamar Jackson as a Heisman candidate, for he has only put up big numbers against teams Louisville has routed. I had to laugh at the analyst last night while watching Houston give Louisville a shellacking. They were saying Jackson was the best and top Heisman candidate.

Jackson had little help, but high throws and his longest run only being 20-yards, from where I sit, should drop him out of the Heisman race. Jackson did not perform well with an attacking defense that put pressure on him and sacked him 11 times.

If Jackson was a true Heisman candidate then he should have put up good numbers under duress. He failed to shine which proves he can’t perform under pressure. Good QBs find a way to perform well against tough defenses, for they take the challenge head on.

If WVU can beat Oklahoma like Houston beat Louisville, then the Mountaineers deserve to be a Top 5 team Bowl Rankings. Clemson nor Louisville are Top 5 teams.

GO EERs Beat Oklahoma!!!

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