No One Picking WVU Over OU

When you listen to the analysts and look at the bowl rankings it is obvious that the Big 12 and particularly WVU aren’t getting much love. In the Football Playoff Rankings there are 7 teams ahead of WVU that have an 8 – 2 record and 1 team with a 7 – 3 record.

When you listen to the conversations it is apparent that lack of consistency of WVU QB Skyler Howard is the biggest reason for WVU not moving up in the rankings, and why no one is picking WVU to win over Oklahoma.

Howard had 5- turnovers against Oklahoma last season. In WVU’s only loss this year , Howard had a fumble, 2 interceptions, and missed a touchdown pass to Ka’Raun White in the end-zone. Oklahoma State won the game by 17 points, 37 – 20.

So far this season Howard has thrown 9 interceptions and 17 touchdown passes. His interception to touchdown ratio is 52%, and this doesn’t build a lot for faith or trust in him.

Howard then struggled against Texas, especially in the 2nd half when he thew 3 interceptions. Lucky for him, WVU’s defense was able to hold off Texas for a 24 – 20 WVU win.

The analysts believe that Howard will once again turn the ball over against Oklahoma to propel them to a 14 or 21 point win over WVU. Howard is known for his miscues when WVU is inside their own 20 and when in the opponents red-zone.

Some doubt that Howard is 6-feet tall, and that it is his inability to see over rushing defenders that attributes to his interceptions.

You don’t hear much negativity about WVU’s offensive line, and Coach Gibson and his defense gets lots of rave reviews. Even WVU’s WRs and RBs get good reviews.

If Howard has 2 or more turnovers against Oklahoma, the ‘boo-birds’ will come out, and fans will be screaming for Howard to be pulled. If this happens, Holgorsen should replace Howard with Chris Chugunov.

Not that Chugs will come in and win the game, but it will be better than watching Howard give it away. Hopefully, Chugs will give WVU a better opportunity to win.

Howard has heard the boo-birds before, and heard fans calling for him to be replaced.

There have been games this season that Howard was on the verge in making me a believer in him. Then came Oklahoma State and Texas, where his lackluster performance dispelled the faith I was beginning have in him.

WVU, the coaches, players and fans need Howard to step-up and play a near perfect game for WVU to beat the Sooners.

GO EERs!!!

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