Analyzing 8 – 1 WVU

Analyzing 8 – 1 WVU based on what we have seen thus far.

WVU QB Skyler Howard struggles against good defenses. He had 2 interceptions and a fumble in WVU’s loss to Oklahoma State, and 3 interceptions against Texas. Howard’s questionable play is why many analyst felt WVU would lose to the Texas Longhorns.

There are those that believe Howard is under 6-feet tall, and this may be part of the reason for the interceptions. Dropped catchable passes by WVU’s WRs & RBs do little to help Howard’s cause.

There is no doubt that each week we see improvement in the play of WVU special teams and defense. Gibby’s DAWGS are for real, and without question are one of the nations top defenses. Heisman candidates struggle against this defense. Only BYU and Oklahoma State have put up over 30 points against the DAWGS. The most points scored against the DAWGS was 37 by Oklahoma State.

With a reduced running back corp due to injuries, I have yet to understand why FB Eli Wellman hasn’t gotten more carries. Wellman is a beast and he shows this with his blocking. Have a lead blocker for Wellman and let him carry the ball, especially in short yardage situations. With his size and power, Wellman could wear down a defensive front.

If RBs Rushel Shell and Justin Crawford are not ready to go against Oklahoma look for Holgorsen to burn Martell Pettaway’s redshirt.

Holgorsen needs to get QB Chris Chugunov ready for the Oklahoma game, should Howard begin throwing interceptions, have trouble holding onto the ball, or is injured. WVU can not afford for Howard to play poorly against Oklahoma as he did against Oklahoma State and Texas. If Howard begins turning the ball over, look for the “boo-birds” to come out.

WVU needs to forget about throwing passes to TE Tevon Wesco, for either he can’t catch or he is scared to take a hit after a catch. Wesco makes no effort to catch a pass. Throwing a pass to Wesco is just a wasted play.

With Devonte Mathis being a bigger receiver, I thought we’d would have seen more of him against Texas.

Playing Oklahoma at home won’t be a cake walk, but playing any Big 12 team never is. The big key for WVU to win over the Sooners is the play of QB Skyler Howard. Oklahoma thrives on turnovers.

If Holgorsen truly wants to improve the play of the offense, he needs to stop passing to Wesco, and if he needs a bigger WR to pass to then throw to Mathis. He may not need to burn Pettaway’s redshirt. If Holgorsen puts Wellman in at RB, then add Michael Ferns at fullback. A Wellman & Ferns combination could be too much for anyone to stop.


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