Gibby’s DAWGS Keep WVU In The Hunt

If had not been for Gibby’s DAWGS, WVU would have lost in Texas.

WVU’s offense played well in the 1st quarter, beginning the in the 2nd the play of the offense slowly declined. QB Skyler Howard threw three interceptions in the 2nd half.

Howard was 21 of 35 for a completion ratio of 60% for 269 yards and a QBR of 50.6. His passes were often late and sometimes behind his receivers, and it appears his 3 interceptions were due to him trying to force the ball into an area.

It wasn’t all entirely on Howard, Marcus Simms missed a pass by not finishing his rout. The sure handed Daikiel Shorts dropped two passes, Ka’Raun White dropped a pass, and a pass to Eli Wellman was behind him.

RB Justin Crawford was responsible for WVU’s only fumble of the day.

But it was the play of the Gibby’s DAWGS that got it done and helped WVU walk away with a 24 – 20 victory.

The DAWGS blocked a field goal, got an interception and two fumble recoveries. They held the Texas Heisman candidate RB D’Onta Foreman to just 167 yards and no touchdowns, and caused him to fumble the ball which WVU recovered.

While Ka’Raun caught a touchdown pass in the end zone while falling backwards to the ground, his brother Kazir pulled off the hat trick. Kazir White tackled Texas QB Buechele for a loss, knocked the ball loose and recovered the fumble. And WVU CB Rasul Douglas got his 5th interception of the year.

WVU ran the ball 38 times for 114 yards compared to Texas who rushed the ball 50 times for 218 yards. Texas completed 38 of 50 passes for 318 yards.

Texas ran 100 plays compared to WVU which ran 73 plays. Texas had 536 yards of offense compared to WVU’s 383 yards. Statistically Texas won this game.

Texas QB Shane Buchele ended the day with a 60.2 QBR.

With the odds against them and few picking WVU to win, WVU went into Austin, TX and came out with another win. WVU is now 8 – 1 on the season with their only loss being at Oklahoma State.

Another game highlight was Mike Molina’s 44 yard field goal. His longest of the year.

GO EERs!!!



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