WVU Must Win Out

In order for the Mountaineers to win or tie for the Big 12 Conference title, they must win out.

Texas will be the toughest of the last 4 Big 12 opponents. You can bet the Texas coaches are showing the hit former WVU Safety Karl Joseph put on a Texas player knocking him out, nor have the Texas fans forgotten.

Texas will be out for revenge and their fans will be ramped up. WVU must take control of this game early. WVU players can’t afford to get caught up unsportsmanlike like conduct penalties. The Mountaineers must play smart because retaliation usually gets the flag.

The Mountaineers must minimize penalties and mistakes in critical situations, for they can’t afford to play like they did against Oklahoma State. The Mountaineers must play disciplined football. This game could get nasty in a hurry, and the Big 12 officials must take control of the game early.

WVU QB Skylar Howard has to control his emotions and play within himself. He can’t afford to over-think nor can he afford to turn the ball over. Howard has to take care of the ball, play within his skill set, and not try to be the hero.

WVU has got to establish the running game as well as the intermediate passing game in order to take deep shots down field. On defense WVU has to stop the Texas running game, and WVU special teams must pick it up.

This will be a hard fought game with many big hits.

If WVU can survive Texas they have a good chance at winning out. For WVU to win or tie for the Big 12 Title, Oklahoma State must beat Oklahoma.


3 thoughts on “WVU Must Win Out

  1. one huge question. did holgy just sent his resume to the texas football program? Lyons put all his chips on the table, looks like he will lose. now we will watch 4 more years of rebuilding under a new coach. Dr GEE must bail his AD with a large amount of money .

    • To be honest, I don’t believe Charley Strong is going anywhere.

      The one thing that is hurting Holgorsen is the lack of consistency of WVU’s offense.

      Yes, there are schools that would like to have Holgorsen, but none that is willing to pay him more than $5M. He will $5M+ by staying at WVU.

      Holg has to create a consistent winning program to raise his stock.

      Holg is hoping next season with Gier at QB, will be his breakout year.

      Don’t look for Holg to go anywhere. He’ll get enough from WVU Alumi to make his stay, for he is winning with a mediocre QB.

  2. I think I would prefer that OU beat OSU. If WVU would then beat the Sooners, they would have the same conference record and the head to head tiebreaker.

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