No Big 12 Championship for Mountaineers

The WVU Mountaineers traveled to Stillwater, OK ranked 10th in the AP poll, and after their lackluster performance in a losing effort will most likely fall out of the Top 20. WVU 20 – OSU – 37

The game started with WR Jovon Durante dropping a pass that was in his hands. WVU QB Skyler Howard was under a lot of pressure. Howard tried to prevent a sack by throwing a pass while going to the ground, and ended up fumbling the ball inside WVU’s 20. The OSU Cowboys took advantage and scored. Howard later threw a ball behind WR KaRaun White, who got his hands on it, and popped it in the air for a Cowboys interception.

It never got any better for WVU. KaRaun got called for offensive pass interference. Offensive Tackle McKivits got called for a face mask. QB Howard got his 3rd intentional grounding call in as many weeks. WR Shelton Gibson proved once again he can’t catch a pass when turned and him looking at it. This pass was at Gibson’s face mask and he dropped it.

I’ve yet to understand why when you are losing you put in a player with little playing time and throw him a pass when you are losing, but WR Marcus Simms entered the game only to drop the only pass he’d get during the day.

QB Howard threw his 2nd interception of the game late in the 4th quarter. Howard finished the day with a QBR of 34.9 and completing 24 of 39 passes for 212 yards. He also had 2 interceptions and a fumble. Howard received little help from his receivers.

Mistakes, penalties, turnovers, and bad play in general on all 3 sides of the ball left the WVU coaching staff without answers.

This is why the media and fans have a hard time believing in the Mountaineers. As a fan you begin to believe, you want to believe, and just a you start to believe, they fall apart.

WR Shelton Gibson said he’d be making many big plays against the Cowboys, and that didn’t happen.

Howard said he hasn’t gotten any love from WVU fans since being in Morgantown and has been booed more in Morgantown than when in Texas. Inconsistent play is why Howard is booed. Howard like the rest of the team had been playing well until today. If they were booed in Stillwater they earned it.

RB Rushel Shell III going down with a knee injury didn’t help WVU’s cause in Stillwater.

Right now I don’t see WVU winning more than another 1 or 2 games this season. WVU will most likely finish the season 7 – 5 or 8 – 4. They will probably lose to Texas, Oklahoma, and Baylor. They could beat Kansas and Iowa State, but even these aren’t guaranteed wins.

Maybe it is time to give Elijah Wellman more carries.

WVU needs to find a TE that can catch, for it is obvious that Tevon Wesco can’t for he dropped both passes thrown to him.

The only WVU players that played with any consistency against the Cowboys were: C Tyler Orlosky, FB Eli Wellman, RB Rushel Shell, WR Daikiel Shorts, and DE Nobel Nwachukwu.

WVU’s defense caused no turn-overs. Both the offensive line and the defense got way too many penalties at critical times.

I love this team and I’m a huge fan. But if they want me show them love, then play with consistency. Don’t give games away as they did today in Stillwater.

GO EERs!!!

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