Why Is WVU Getting So Little Respect?

Before I begin. My good friend, editor, and owner of this website, Michael Walker, is under going some serious health issues. Please, keep Mike in your thoughts and prayers.

If you listen to any of ESPN’s college sports shows, you hear analysts Kirk Herbstriet & Jason Sehorn belittle the WVU Mountaineers and praise Baylor and Oklahoma.

Oklahoma’s QB Baker Mayfield and Texas Tech’s QB Patrick Mahomes II have received more air time than WVU. These QBs were praised repeatedly for their completions in a game where these two offenses totaled more than 1,700 yards that the Sooners won 66 to 59 over the Red Raiders. Both received lots of praise for their scrambling ability and passing accuracy.

The one thing Mountaineers and Mountaineer fans know is that Mahomes can’t put up those big numbers when contained and under pressure. Last week in Lubbock, TX, the Mountaineers held Mahomes and the Red Raiders to 17 points. Mahomes helped the Red Raiders score 10 of these points. The other 7 points came after Mahomes was pulled in the 4th quarter.

Against WVU, Mahomes completed 28 of 44 passes for 345 yards and a QBR of 42.3, in TT’s 17 to 48 loss to WVU. TCU QB Kenny Hill didn’t fare much better in TCU’s 10 to 31 loss to the Mountaineers.

Sports analysts hate to admit they were wrong. Before the season even started Oklahoma and Baylor were ranked in the Top 10, and Oklahoma was then and is now expected to win the Big 12. There is also a stigma that the Big 12 doesn’t play defense.

Oklahoma lost game one to Houston 33 to 23, and in week three lost to Ohio State 45 to 24. In the  mean time Baylor played cupcake teams: Northwestern State, SMU, & Rice. While Baylor was winning against these teams, WVU was winning against much more prominent opponents: Missouri, Youngstown State and BYU.

Although Oklahoma has dropped below WVU in the polls, Baylor remains ahead of WVU in the ratings.

Some analysts still believe Oklahoma is primed to win the Big 12 and that no Big 12 team will be in a top 6 bowl game. Baylor is still praised for all the points they put up. Oklahoma QB Baker Mayfield and Baylor QB Seth Russell, both gets lots of praise, and it’s the play and numbers these two QBs keep putting up, that keeps these two teams in the news and in the highlight reels. The same can be said about Mahomes and Texas Tech.

The issue is WVU lacks flash and flashy players. Because of this WVU flies under the radar. WVU doesn’t have a standout player, and because winning is a team event no one would recognize a WVU player walking down the street, unless the person is from WV.

There are no ball or game hogs at WVU, for this team shares the wealth. Against TCU, WVU had 3 receivers make tough catches, and TD passes were caught by 4 different receivers. WVU RB Rushel Shell III also is ignored because he shares duties with Kennedy McKoy, and Justin Crawford.

WVU is a low profile team with quality depth who loves flying under the radar. There are no I’s or ME’s here. It’s all about team and winning.

GO ‘ EERs!!!

2 thoughts on “Why Is WVU Getting So Little Respect?

  1. While watching the TT-OU game last night, I sent a text to a friend the said, Mahommes just set the NCAA record for passing yards in a game. His response was , “He did nothing against us.” To which I replied, “He got benched.” While I find it funny, it gives me hope that we can beat Oklahoma as the don’t have any defense either. I’m taking each game one game at a time but I am starting to believe that we have a great chance of running the table as we seem to have a monster defense. 34-10 over TCU, and 48-17 over Tech, both are supposed to have unstoppable offenses. We never had to stop them because we never let them start.

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