The ‘EERs Prove Kirk Herbstreit and ESPN Gameday Wrong Again

Yesterday morning I got up, had breakfast and got ready for WVU football. Since the ‘EERs were wearing blue jerseys, I put on my blue WVU #35. Yes, my Owen Schmitt jersey. I try to wear the same color jersey the players do each week. Then I turned on the TV to ESPN Gameday. As usual they all said the TCU vs WVU game would be a high scoring shootout and Herbie and his group all picked TCU over WVU.

I still remember Herbie embarassing himself when WVU played Clemson in the 2012 Orange Bowl. Herbie was so mad that WVU was in the Orange Bowl, for WVU didn’t belong on the field against Clemson. Well we all know how that game ended, with Herbie and Clemson both getting embarrassed.

I am here to tell you the 2016 WVU Mountaineers are truly my friends. This was the 2nd straight week these good-ole-boys have held a high powered offense under 20-points. I read the posts and the comments, and what a difference a year makes. Instead of calling for Holgorsen to be fired some of you are posting, “Pay Holgorsen and Gibson the money”.

This team is improving every week. We now have the “Gibby DAWGS” on defense, and a starting QB in Skyler Howard, an offensive line, along with depth at receiver and running backs that are playing well. Were are seeing improved special teams play. Kicker Mike Molina and punter Bill Kenny, two home grown WV kids, are getting it done.

WVU’s wins over Texas Tech and TCU have been total team wins. This team is exciting to watch on all sides of the ball. WVU forced two fumbles and Rasul Douglas got another interception. Red-zone & 3rd down efficiency are improving. WVU got the lead early and in the 3rd quarter WVU had the ball nearly the entire quarter.

Four tough catches were made into a highlight video on ESPN:

Don’t expect WVU to be considered seriously just yet. The reason is sports analysts believe the Big 12 is the bottom of the top 5 conferences, just under the PAC 12. Much of this is due to Oklahoma losing to Ohio State and Houston, and Baylor really not playing anyone in its non-conference games.

No matter who wins the Big 12 don’t look for any Big 12 team get a lot of love from the media, especially the guys on ESPN Gameday, and definitely not Kirk Herbstreit.

Here are some of the stats from WVUs win over TCU:

S. Howard completed 16 of 23 passes for 231 yards, a completion ratio of 69.5% and a QBR of 80.2 and 4 TDs. TCU QB completed 18 of 31 passes for 148 yards, a completion ratio of 58% and a QBR of 26.4.

WVU rushed the ball 48 time for 158 yards. TCU rushed the ball 29 times for 152 yards. WVU had 398 yards of total offense compared to TCU’s 300 yards.

WVU had 0 turn-overs compared to 3 for TCU.

WVU RB Rushel Shell had another good game with 24 carries for 117 yards. Daikiel Shorts was WVU’s leading receiver with 4 catches for 74 yards.

You have to love this team and its coaches!

GO EERs!!!



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