WVU: No Preparation Required

When WVU begins preparing for an opponent,  they have to prepare for the opponents defense, offense, and special teams.

When an opponent begins preparing to play WVU, the only thing they have to focus on is WVU’s offense and defense, for little or no time is required to prepare for WVU’s return game.

When was the last time WVU posed a threat in the return game to any team FBS or FCS?

Many folks want to blame WVU’s punt and kick returners, but the blame for such a lackluster return game actually falls on those who are supposed to be blocking for the return guys.

Holgorsen was so concerned with K-State’s return game that he devoted extra time to prepare for it. Since Holgorsen has been head coach, the lack of a return game and the inability to stop or slow an opponent’s return game has cost WVU many close games they should have otherwise won.

WVU has not only had issues with the blocking and tackling of its special teams, but has also had issues with kickers/punters not getting the job done.

WVU proposes no threat to any team in the return game. Morgantown HS, most likely could hold WVU inside the 25 on kick-off returns, and limit them to 7-yards a carry, or so, on punt returns.

WVU returners have big play ability, but somebody needs to get in the way of defenders to give them an opportunity to run with the ball.

By not having to worry about WVU’s return game, opponents can spend more time preparing for WVU’s offense and defense. The WVU coaches don’t have this luxury.

GO EERs!!!

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