WVU’s Rasul Douglas CB or WR?

I was listening to former Coach Dave Wannstedt the other evening, and he made a statement about defensive backs that I have heard a few times. The statement he made was one we seldom hear and that some may shrug their shoulders at or ignore.

Wannstedt stated that defensive backs need to become receivers once the ball is in the air. I am paraphrasing but that was his message

The reason I bring this up is that I believe the pass WVU WR Shelton Gibson caught where he nearly lost his head with his helmet greatly over shadowed the interception of CB Rasul Douglas. Maybe too much so.

I am in no way trying to say the accolades Shelton Gibson received were not deserved, for they were, but Rasul Douglas’ interception also warrants some recognition.

If you go back and watch the interception you’ll see a CB who took on the roll of receiver and who turned a receiver into a defensive back. Douglas and the K-State receiver went up for the pass together and both got their hands on it. Douglas literally out muscled him and took the ball.

This is how you play defensive back and that is exactly what Coach Wannstedt was talking about. Rasul Douglas made a whale of a catch.

The difference in the game was that Gibson’s catch was a game changer and gave WVU’s struggling offense the momentum it needed to score. It was a turning point in the game.

We hear about Shelton Gibson’s ability to track the ball, but Rasul Douglas can do it just as well as he continues to demonstrate.

Rasul Douglas definitely looked like a receiver playing cornerback on this play courtesy of ESPN:



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