Bye-Week Proves Huge for WVU

One of WVU’s biggest wins of this season could be the results of other Big 12 games during the Mountaineer’s bye-week.

The Big 12 may have proved this week to be the weakest conference of the Power-5 this year. Baylor and Kansas State won big over cupcake teams; Iowa State and Kansas added another one their loss column.

Meanwhile, TCU and Texas Tech added one to the win column; Oklahoma State won a squeaker; Oklahoma received an old fashion butt whoopin’; and Texas proved how porous its defense is.

I expected Ohio State to win big over Oklahoma, and after Michigan State laid a whoopin’ on Notre Dame, I thought Cal would beat Texas. WVU and Baylor remain the only two undefeated teams in the Big 12.

After the results of this week the conference will take a big hit in the national polls.

The good news is that all of the Big 12 losses and wins put WVU at the head of the pack and gives them a shot at the conference title. If WVU can improve its play each week and play with intensity every game, WVU could – remember I wrote ‘could’ – win the Big 12 title out right. I saw no conference team play this week that I would consider a guaranteed WVU loss.

This season the doors are wide open for WVU and gives them the best opportunity in several years of getting into a major bowl game.

Right now it is all about WVU’s ‘want – tos’. WVU players say every week they ‘want to’ win the Big 12 Championship. As I see it right now, the championship is theirs to lose.

The question now becomes, are these just idle words by Mountaineer players, or do they in fact believe it and want it bad enough to go after it? – Only time will tell.







One thought on “Bye-Week Proves Huge for WVU

  1. Don’t forget Missouri keeps looking better too. They did lose this week, but it was to a ranked team and by only one point. If our offense can find a way to score from the red zone we could make some noise this year.

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