Evaluating the WVU Defense

I have to agree with WVU’s MIKE LB Al-Rasheed Benton, who gave WVU’s defense a grade of “C” following the Missouri game. Benton stated that too often WVU defenders were out of position, including himself.

Here is what I saw from WVU defense against Missouri:

  • Defenders out of position
  • Too many missed and broken tackles. It often appeared there was a lack of tackling effort. The WVU defenders tried bumping Missouri players to stop them, instead of wrapping up
  • The defense failed to get an interception. At least 4 Missouri passes should have been intercepted.
  • WVU’s defense sometimes struggled getting off blocks.
  • WVU’s pass defense didn’t play well at all. If it weren’t for bad throws by the Missouri QBs and Missouri receivers dropping passes, WVU most likely would have been on the losing end of this one

I realize this was WVU’s first game of the season, but WVU’s defense was sloppy and there is a lot of work that needs to be done to get this defense ready for BYU and the Big XII. While Holgorsen praised his defense, it was Benton who gave the most accurate review.

GO ‘EERs!!!

Photo by WVUSports.com

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