WVU’s Offensive Line

I thought WVU’s offensive line played well for the most part against Missouri. I was most impressed with the play of Yodney Cajuste and Colton McKivitz. QB Skyler Howard had much more time in the pocket than he had last year.

Cajuste went out of the game with a knee injury, but the o-line didn’t miss a beat when 6′-7″ 304 lb. redshirt freshman Colton McKivitz came in as Cajuste’s replacement.

Both Cajuste and McKivitz had to block much heralded Missouri defensive lineman, Charles Harris, who many believe will be a first round draft pick in the 2017 NFL Draft. Cajuste and McKivitz did a very good job handling Harris as he seldom got by them.

This was probably the best performance I have seen by the WVU O-line in the past few years. They weren’t perfect, but they definitely showed improvement over last season.

Their improved play allowed Howard to hang in the pocket and repeatedly connect with Daikiel Shorts on middle slants. Shorts ended up with 8 catches for 131 yards.

WVU finished the day with 494 yards of offense with Missouri finishing with 462 yards of offense. It was the running ability of Justin Crawford and Rushel Shell III along with the passes to Shorts that helped WVU work its way down field. But the 14-points scored by kicker Mike Molina secured WVU’s victory.

Kicker Josh Lambert may have a tough time getting his job back if Molina stays perfect.

Missouri recorded no sacks on WVU QB Skyler Howard. This says a lot about WVU’s O-line, for Missouri is supposed to have one of the biggest and best d-lines in college football.

GO ‘EERs!!!

Photo by HailWV.com


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