Is 2016 Truly All Doom and Gloom?

With Head Coach Dana Holgorsen not getting a contract extension and with safety coach Brian Mitchell leaving, there has been a lot of speculation going on about the future of WVU’s football program as well as Holgorsen’s future. There has also been criticism of WVU AD Shane Lyons.

Every year, except his first, Holgorsen has been under fire by the media, alumni and fans. Holgorsen has to shoulder the blame for a lot of this criticism. His mule headedness has done him more harm than good.

With this said, last season I predicted WVU would have a 7-win season and win a bowl game, which they did, and I predicted that WVU would have much better seasons in 2016 and 2017. I still stand behind this going into the 2016 season.

Last season, WVU lacked experience in the offensive backfield and on the offensive line at tackle. All WVU really had offensively going into the 2015 season was RB Wendell Smallwood. He was WVU’s offense.

We did not see much of 4-star 2-year player RB Donte Thomas-Williams, and what we saw from 4-star 2-year RB Rushel Shell III was less than impressive until late in the season. I really don’t expect to see much more from either of them in 2016. The RB positions will most like be filled by one or more of the JUCO recruits, perhaps Steven Smothers.

If WVU can land Pat Kirkland of the University of Charleston to coach the safeties, then WVU’s defense shouldn’t miss a beat.

I don’t agree with all the criticism AD Lyons received, for he is from WV and  WVU hired him from the University of Alabama. We all know what kind of football program they have. I also agree with his decisions thus far.

I feel Lyons got his criticism primarily because he didn’t fire Holgorsen. I’m glad he didn’t fire Holgorsen, for the coaching staff is the most stable now than it has been in past years.

The one thing that could really hurt Holgorsen early in the season is if he names Skyler Howard the starting QB. After WVU’s Cactus Bowl win, Holgorsen stated that the passing game had to improve. The only way for Holgorsen to improve the passing game is to start Chris Chugunov.

This is why I believe Chugunov should be the Starting QB:

  • Holgorsen stated that Chris is the smartest QB he has ever coached
  • Chris shadowed Holgorsen last season and carried his clipboard
  • Holgorsen and his coaches have stated repeatedly that Chris has a cannon of an arm and can sling it with the best of them
  • By all accounts, media and coaches, Chris is the most accurate of all the quarterbacks
There is one knock against Chris and that is he has yet to play a college game, and for this reason alone we hear so many sports analysts and writers focused on Skyler Howard.
They don’t mention Chris Chugunov after writing or talking about QBs David Sills and William Crest. The primary reason for this is that Crest and Sills were 4-star recruits and Chugunov was a 3-star recruit.
Even though Holgorsen has stated several times that should Sills and/or Crest, choose to be QBs, then they will spend 80% of their time on the sideline, writers and sports casters still focus on these two.
Do you ever think people are talking and no one is listening?
I for one do not see the big gray cloud many say is hanging over WVU’s football program.
I look for WVU to go 10 – 2 this season and get into its first major bowl game since the 2012 Orange Bowl.
Go EERs!!!

2 thoughts on “Is 2016 Truly All Doom and Gloom?

  1. why would lyons go to the media.? why does lyons stir the pot.? lyons is simular to dana, both have come to wvu as rookies, no experence as a head coach or AD. dana has built his program. lyons has wrecked recruiting for 2017. I do belive dana is snake bite since coming to wvu. how is that hiring wvu people working out. wvu people that injured the football program, ed pastlong, streward,rich rod. did not hire doc holiday. as a twenty four year season ticket holder I am giving thought to say keep your ticket. thanks george for good reporting.

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