I Like Home Grown Kids Playing For WVU

Being a home grown WV boy myself, I love seeing these kids getting a shot to play for WVU. This to me is heart warming. Let us take a look at the home growns going into the 2016 season.

Scholarship Players:

TE – Trevon Wesco though he attended Lackawanna College in PA, he is from Gerrardstown, WV, 6’5″, 260

S – Dylan Tonkery, Bridgeport, WV 6’0″ 195

DL – Reese Donahue, Milton, WV, 6’5″, 245

Invited Walk-ons:

FB – Elijah Drummond, Bridgeport, WV 6’1″, 215

TE – Nathan Green, Wellsburg, WV, 6’6″, 240


S – Kody Shearer, Morgantown, WV, 5’11”, 165

LS – Kyle Poland, Morgantown, WV, 6’1″, 215


K – Evan Stire, Morgantown, WV, 5’11”, 178


LB – Carter Walburn, Martinsburg, WV, 6’2″, 215


WR – Conner Watts, Hurricane, WV, 5’11”, 200

Receiver Routes:

Jr. Season:

A Glad to See:

WR – Mitch Chugunov, the brother of WVU QB, Chris Chugunov, Skillman, NJ, 6’0″, 172

I like this kid. He may not be the best route runner, but it appears he knows how to get open and has good hands, but then again his brother Chris used to be throw to him in games. His brother Chris is the QB in Mitch’s video.

GOOD LUCK TO ALL THESE KIDS! I hope they all eventually receive WVU Scholarships.


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