Will We See Chugs in 2016?

Chris Chugunov

Could Chris Chugunov be WVU’s next star QB?

There is much debate over who will be WVU’s starting quarterback in 2016.

There are those who strongly believe that Skyler Howard owns the position because he has a year leading Holgorsen’s offense and that somehow guarantees him as the starter.

And there are those like myself that see Howard more than likely being the back-up behind Chris Chugunov.

The primary issue with Howard is his lack of passing accuracy. He can often hit the deep routes, but usually struggles with the intermediate and short ones.

Two of his technical issues are his feet and his passes being late. To sum it up, he can not make all of the necessary throws. Howard was all too often booed by the WVU fans last season.

Redshirt freshman Chris Chugunov has not played a down of college football but can make all the throws, has a quick release, is very accurate, and can run the ball well in practice with the starters. He can do now what Howard has yet to master. Below is a series of Chugunov videos. While watching them you will see:

  • A quick release
  • Throwing from a variety of angles, including while running with the ball, and you’ll see a side-arm pass and a jump-pass
  • Accuracy and actual ball placement
  • Hitting his receiver in the end-zone while standing on his own 40 yard line
  • His improvement from his junior to his senior years in high school.
  • The WVU coaches stated last year that Chugs could sling it with the best of them.

Head Coach Dana Holgorsen has said that Head Coach Dana Holgorsen has said that Chugs is the smartest QB he has ever coached.Head Coach Dana Holgorsen has said that Chugs is the smartest QB he has ever coached.

Holgorsen liked Chugs so well that he went nearly everywhere with Holgorsen during games and carried the clipboard on the sidelines.

The reason you won’t find any videos of Skyler Howard making such throws in this article is because there are none, for he can not make them.

With over a year starting in Holgorsen’s offense, Howard’s passing has shown little to no improvement. Chugunov arrived at WVU making every throw asked of him.

Anyone who watched WVU play football last season should agree WVU needs a different QB behind center in 2016 and the obvious choice is Chris Chugunov.

Chris Chugunov & Dontea Strickland Routes:

Chris Chugunov – Jr. Highlights:

Chris Chugunov – Sr. Highlights:

Chris Chugunov – Sr. Highlight (TD-Bomb):

Chris Chugunov – Sr. Highlight (Short Pass 1):

Chris Chugunov – Sr. Highlights (Run 2):

Wishing this young man GOOD LUCK!!!




One thought on “Will We See Chugs in 2016?

  1. I really hope to see a change at qb this season, as I don’t think we can win in our current situation. I would rather see us lose more games this year with a qb change than to win 7 or 8 again with a qb that has hit his ceiling.

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