Howard Leads WVU to Loss at KSU

Howard - KS

Photo from: WV Metro News

Can anyone explain to me why a QB would attempt to run the ball himself on a 4th and 6 play with the game on the line, and he has one of the nation’s top running backs at his disposal? (Hey, Dana this was a bad decision on the part of your QB. He had no business trying to be the hero of the game).

When talking to the media, why was Dana Holgorsen more upset with the 6 dropped passes by his receivers than he was over the dozen errant throws by his quarterback?

Howard completed 19 of 42 passes for a 45% completion ratio, and he had 10 rushes for -13 yards. FoxSports had Skyler Howard with a QBR of 109.3 while ESPN had him with a QBR of 23.7.

Over the next few days I’m sure we are all going to hear how well Skyler Howard played, and that it was the fault of the offensive line for not blocking better, and the receivers for dropping passes. I guess if you got right down to it, you could blame the loss on God and the wind, according to Holgorsen nothing is ever Skyler Howard’s fault. The blame always lies with someone or something else.

Howard carrying the ball with an injured ankle was also selfish, for Wendell Smallwood only needed 6-yards to tie for the most yardage this season by a Big 12 running back. Smallwood should have been given the opportunity, as he already had 25 carries for 141-yards in this game. He was averaging over 5 yds per carry and making nice gains on first down. Instead of giving the ball to WVU’s best RB, Howard tried to be the hero and ended up the zero.

The best two WVU offensive players in the game were Wendell Smallwood and Jordan Thompson. Thompson had 5 catches for 127 yards, and he made several tough catches along the way. Even with Howard hobbled we inexplicably saw no carries by Eli Wellman or passes to Cody Clay.

WVU’s defense played well overall, and special teams had a hiccup when they allowed Kansas State’s Morgan burns return a kick 97-yards for a touchdown. This was the play that won the game for Kansas State.

I have seen titles this morning, such as: “Hurting and Hobbling Howard Couldn’t Capitalize on Keeper”, excuse me there was no martyr here. A martyr would have enabled the play makers to make the plays. “Kansas State Shockingly Ends WVU Win Streak”: Seriously, how many of you were actually shocked?

I realize there are Skyler Howard fans, and he is a good person who plays very hard. I have waited this entire season for him to prove he deserved to be WVU’s starting QB, and I’m still waiting. What I have seen instead is the same guy who couldn’t pass when I watched him in Charleston and Wheeling in the Spring of 2014.

I have not seen improvement in his passing even after a year as WVU’s starting QB. As far as decision-making, you can’t tell me that there isn’t a QB on WVU’s team that could not do better than Howard.

A sports writer who is an obvious Howard apologist told me that Holgorsen has already announced to the team that Howard was going to be WVU’s starting QB next season. For Holgorsen to do something this stupid would be like laying his head on the chopping-block and waiting for the ax to fall.

WVU still has a bowl game to play, and I hope they draw an opponent they can beat. Otherwise, going  7 – 6 with a bowl loss may reignite WVU alumni and fans calling for Holgorsen’s head. If Holgorsen goes, so does Skyler Howard. I would much rather see Holgorsen stay and an open competition for the QB position. Howard has already graduated as is certainly not needed for another season.

If WVU loses their bowl game, Holgorsen may be forced to find another QB to save his job and career.  I just can’t see AD Shane Lyons putting up with this much longer.


2 thoughts on “Howard Leads WVU to Loss at KSU

  1. Farm Kid,

    I very much enjoy feedback on my writing.

    Thank you for reading my post. I’m glad you enjoyed.

    Please, return as often as you can. I try to write what I see without bias.



  2. as of today dana could be toast, according to yahoo sports. bad move by wvu. my opinion is 2016 the qb will be still or chugs. if those two pass the test dana will have a good qb for four years. dana will have a good offence, running and receivers. good reading your post

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