WVU Finally Wins a Big 12 Game

I had a new/old experience on Saturday. Laying in a hospital bed, I wasn’t able to watch the TTU vs WVU game, so I listened to it on my cell phone. I haven’t had to just listen to a game in years. It was like going back in time.

It was good to hear WVU win a game. I’m sure the WVU coaches and players were glad to finally prevail after 4 losses in October.

Holgorsen stated that this is his first run based offense. When I heard this I had to ask myself why is this a run first offense, for there are some big time receivers on this team who are real play makers? Shelton Gibson, Jovon Durante, David Sills, Ka’Raun White, and then there are some pretty good receivers in the clutch, like Jordan Thompson. And there has to be at least one effective QB who can accurately throw the ball, with a quick release.

However, with Skyler Howard at the helm a big time passing game isn’t possible, so the alternative is to run the ball. Every WVU opponent knows that WVU throwing the deep ball is a minimal threat, and that the shorter passes are going to be late. They also know that Howard doesn’t do well reading pass plays and often makes questionable decisions. So WVU’s passing game really isn’t a threat to any opponent.

If you don’t want to take my word for it, just listen to the game announcers. I don’t care if they are national or local. You hear the same thing about Howard’s miss-reads and bad throws. I can’t believe there isn’t a better passer than Howard on the team, who can also operate Holgorsen’s offense.

The good news for WVU is that Rushel Shell III, is starting to show he may not be the 4-star dud some of us thought he was. He may actually turn into a descent running back. He has shown signs of being a quality back, but up until the past 2 games, he hasn’t been very consistent. I hope he keeps it up, for this team can use him.

I’d still like to see Cody Clay and Eli Wellman get ball in their hands more, and I’d like to see more play out of Jacky Marcellus. Marcellus has some quick feet, and has shown he has some pretty good hands.

I like to see a better wedge form for the punt return guys, so they can pick up more yardage.

WVU has 4 games left, and should win over Kansas and Iowa State. I don’t look for them to beat both Texas and Kansas State, most likely, they will lose one of these game. A 6 or 7 win season is all I’m seeing at this point.

I wish the WVU Coaches and Player the BEST! I’m out of the hospital and will be watching the game from my living room this Saturday.

GO EERs!!!

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