I’m At A Loss This Morning Following The TCU Game

Jovon TCU

Photo: Compliments of WVUSports.com

Holgorsen states he isn’t doing his job, and I’m reading blogs that have nothing but high praise for Skyler Howard. Did we not watch the same game?

Shelton Gibson had to stop, turn around and come back to the ball on his first deep pass from Howard. That gave the 2 TCU defenders time to catch up with Gibson and make a play on the ball. Yes, the ball hit Gibson in the stomach, but he had 2 TCU defenders trying to make a play on the ball and were batting at it. We saw the same with Howard’s first deep throw to Jovon Durante in the end-zone, but Durante had to turn stop and turn around to make the catch, which allowed the defender to make a play on the ball. Yes, again, Jovon probably should have made the catch.

The deep sideline pass to David Sills was a bad pass that Sills couldn’t find the handle on, yet, in all likelihood he should have caught it.

Not every pass from any QB is perfect, but for the most part QBs try to get the ball in front of their receivers so they not have a better chance of catching, but they can run with the ball after the catch.

The interception to Eli Wellman, was late. The defender was setting back watching Howard and broke on the ball. This ball should have been thrown earlier and should have had air under it, instead of being a flat pass.

Jovon did drop a ball that was in front of him going into the end-zone and this drop is on Jovon alone, for it was a good pass.

The best pass of the night was the TD pass to Shelton Gibson in the end-zone. Howard threw the ball to an open area. Gibson ran to the ball for the catch. This was the 3rd time this season that Howard and Gibson had connected on this route. If WVU is inside the opponents 40, then Howard can hit this pass, but if it’s outside the opponent’s 40, this is not a pass Howard can complete.

You didn’t see WVU run one deep slant route all night, and the reason is, Howard can’t make the throw. Only once this season has he hit on a slant route allowing the receiver to make a both a catch and a run after the catch, and that was on a pass to Daikiel Shorts in the Liberty game.

Even the Fox announcers were on Howard about his poor decision making and lack of passing skills. When one announcer asked the other about WVU’s depth, the other announcer replied, ‘WVU lacks depth at QB’ and from there on they talked about Clint Trickett and his passing skills. They talked about Howard making bad decisions after he threw the ball deep, instead of throwing the shorter pass to a wide open Shelton Gibson to get the much needed first down. Instead Howard threw the deep ball to Jovon Durante. The ball was in front of Durante who dropped a TD pass.

Yes, the receivers dropped passes, but for the most part Howard’s bad passing made many of these passes more difficult to catch. Howard basically has to have the receiver standing still and facing him before he’ll make the throw. Howard cannot throw the ball to an open area where his receiver can run to it. Most deep balls have to be thrown to an area well before the receiver gets there, to allow the receiver to make the catch and hopefully run with the ball after the catch.

Howard demonstrated this night his lack of accuracy, his late release, the fact he struggles throwing the deep ball, and some poor decision making.

The other thing that gets me, is why isn’t Eli Wellman carrying the ball on 3rd  or 4th and short. Wellman is a bruiser of a back, he is bigger than Rushell Shell III and has more power. What about the tall and bigger Cody Clay diving over a pile of players for a 1st down or TD in this situation?

What I see are two things: (1) Howard needs replaced at QB and (2) there needs to be more utilization of players like Wellman and Clay.

Holgorsen needs to step-up to the plate; make a QB change and make better use of some of his players. He needs to be a coach and not a baby-sitter, and stop blaming receivers for dropped balls. Hologsen is babying Howard. I realize he doesn’t want the 2013 season all over again, but it is time for him to do something different for what is he doing isn’t working, and he has admitted that.

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