Holgorsen Accepts Blame For Sooner Loss

Holgorsen accepts blame for WVU’s loss to the Oklahoma Sooners, as he should.

With improvements in the kick and punt return game, Saturday proved that WVU has a lot more to do to get these parts of special teams to where they should be. Blocking on special teams is still an issue with WVU.

I’ve heard and read a lot of complaints thrown at WVU’s OL after the OU game. The truth is, WVU’s OL played well. I’m not saying the OL was perfect by any means, but I do feel that the OL played well enough for WVU to win.

I don’t blame the OL for all 7 of Howard’s sacks, nor do I blame the OL for any of Skyler Howard’s 5 turn-overs. WVU’s OL is responsible for 3 of the 7 sacks. The other 4 are on Howard. When Howard scrambling out of the pocket he should have thrown the ball away to avoid some of these sacks.

If you listen to Holgorsen it almost sounds as though you have to be from Texas to be a quarterback in the Big 12. Neither Geno Smith nor Clint Trickett were from Texas, and both were successful in Big 12 play.

What is going on with WVU football players? When Geno Smith and gang played Texas Tech as a new member of the Big 12 they went to TT and talked trash to the TT players prior to the game, and yet, the WVU coaches let it happen again this week in Norman.

The result was the same in both games, instead of WVU’s trash talk prior to game intimidating their opponent, the opponent intimated WVU on the field. So much for WVU player’s trash talking the other team before the game starts.

If you want to intimidate an opponent do it on the field with your play, not on the sideline with your mouth. There is no excuse for this. Actions speak louder than words, and all most of the WVU players had were words.

Holgorsen was right, he is to blame for WVU’s loss to OU, for WVU was nowhere near ready. WVU was stagnant the 1st half, played well in the 3rd quarter, and fell apart in the 4th.  However, WVU QB Skyler Howard can only blame himself for the 5 turn-overs, unless you want to blame Holgorsen for making Howard the starter.

In some way’s I blame Holgorsen for choosing Howard to start. The problem for Holgorsen is he hasn’t found a quality high school QB from Texas yet.

If you go back and watch WVU’s spring game, walk-on WV QB Austin Hensley out played Howard in the Gold-Blue Game. Austin was about to get sacked in the end-zone by Jefferson when he connected on a 35 yard pass for a 1st down.

Hensley’s pass was perfectly placed. Hensley threw a more perfect pass than Howard did when he was in. Holgorsen praised Hensley for his scout team play as the QB helped WVU prepare for Oklahoma.

Holgorsen can praise Skyler Howard all he wants and he can start him in every game this season, but I don’t see Howard being the starting QB next season.

If Holgorsen truly wants to be competitive in the Big 12 this season and win at least 10-games, then he needs to start playing Chris Chugunov. I was hoping to see Holgorsen play Chug’s in the 3 non-conference games this season, but that didn’t happen.

Why do I want to see Chug’s on the field?

  1. All spring and summer we heard from sports writers that Chug’s is the most accurate passer of all the QBs
  2. All spring and summer we heard the assistant coaches state that Chug’s could sling it with the best of them
  3. Holgorsen has stated that Chug’s was much more athletic than he originally thought
  4. Holgorsen recently stated that he had thought about redshirting Chug’s but he wants him by his side and Chug’s goes everywhere with him, for Chug’s is the smartest QB he has ever coached.

If you go back and watch Chug’s high school highlight videos, you’ll see a QB:

  • That can throw the deep ball with ease, so his receivers can run under it
  • That can thread a ball into a tight area
  • That can put touch on a ball when needed
  • Than can place the ball where only his receiver can get to it
  • Who looks down field for an open receiver while running with the ball
  • Who can hit a receiver short, medium or deep while scrambling
  • Who can tuck it and run when needs to
  • Who can anticipate where his receiver is going to be and get the ball there
  • Who isn’t late with his release

Chug’s high school highlights are impressive. Though he was rated a 3-star out of high school, he should have been a 4-star. This kid is both talented and athletic. Now, I don’t know how quick he can read a defense, but I do know how fast he can get rid of the ball, how accurate he is, and that he isn’t afraid to take on tacklers.

Skyler Howard may be the best at executing Holgorsen’s offense, but as we saw from Clint Trickett you can win games and not be the best at executing Holgorsen’s offense, as long as you can pass.

With all the accolades thrown at Chug’s from sports writers who have seen him in practice, from the assistant coaches, and from Holgorsen himself, then it makes no sense not to give this kid a shot. I don’t care if he can’t run the offense as well as Howard, if he can hit his receivers and throw a touch pass then WVU has a much better chance at winning games.

If you were impressed with Howard’s 50-yard TD run against the Sooner’s, then don’t be. Every QB on WVU’s roster can do this, and William Crest would run the 50-yards faster than all the others.

Chugs reminds me a lot of Seattle Seahawk Russell Wilson and Green Bay Packer Aaron Rodgers for he can get it done with both his arm and his legs. All this kid needs is an opportunity and game experience. Who knows Chug’s to Crest be as exciting as Geno to Tavon.

I figure it this way, if Chug’s is as good as the media and coaches make him out to be, then why won’t Holgorsen play? Maybe Chug’s is not really the smartest QB Holgorsen has ever coached, and Holgorsen was just making media noise. Maybe this is all simply coach-speak and Skyler Howard is actually the best QB on the roster.

Personally, I don’t believe it. Who knows, maybe walk-on Austin Hensley is the most talented QB at WVU. As someone said to me: “Howard has the heart, just not the talent”.

Feature photo by WVUSports

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