Is the Big 12 Ready For This WVU?

After the 2015 West Virginia Mountaineer football team impressively crushed the competition in all three of their non-conference games, many are quick to point out that reality begins next Saturday against Oklahoma.

Suddenly the wins over previously ‘dangerous’ Georgia Southern, troublesome Liberty and ‘rival’ Maryland are being somewhat overlooked as expected wins over weak teams.

Liberty, perhaps. But Georgia Southern has gone on to defeat W. Michigan, Citadel and Idaho by scores of 43-17, 48-13 and 44-20 respectively. While those are not power 5 teams, the victory margins would have been expected to have come from teams in major conferences over them, not their peer. Is Georgia Southern only so much fodder for their opponent in the season opener?

As for Maryland, I do not believe another team will beat them so thoroughly the remainder of the season. While they will not likely reach bowl eligibility, they are not without talent at several positions. We’ll know more after this coming Saturday when they face Michigan.

The Mountaineers were thisclose to being a very good team last season, nearly defeating Oklahoma and TCU in addition to trashing Baylor. There were several what ifs, beginning with opponents’ methodical pounding of QB Clint Trickett into ineffectiveness.

This is very nearly that same Mountaineer team, only more experienced with more overall talent, much more depth and too put it mildly, meaner. This bunch doesn’t hope to win; they fully intend to and have no doubt in their collective ability to do so.

They have to travel to take on ‘mighty’ Oklahoma this Saturday and the Sooners are rightly favored by nearly a touchdown. Go ahead and tell the WVU players they can’t win in Norman, OK. You might just piss them off.

One thought on “Is the Big 12 Ready For This WVU?

  1. Mike, I think we got the answer to this on Saturday. The Big XII is definitely ready for WVU, but WVU isn’t ready for them.

    If any of you remember 2012 when WVU went to Texas Tech, the WVU players tried to intimidate the TT players on the sidelines prior to the game with their mouths. In the end the WVU were intimidated on the field.

    This past Saturday, the WVU players tried doing the same to the Oklahoma players and got the same result, for they were intimidated on the field.

    If you are going talk-the-talk you had better be ready to walk-the-walk, and in both of these games the WVU players proved that all they could do was talk, for they failed to back it up on the field.

    Perhaps, the before WVU plays another Big XII team the coaches remind the players to do their talking on the field with their play and not with their mouths.

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