What is Holgorsen Saying or Not Saying?

Beginning early in the 2015 season, we have heard the following about WVU QB Skyler Howard from the coaches:

  • He is running with the ones
  • Wide receivers Shelton Gibson and Jacky Marcellus went to Texas with Howard and they worked on their timing
  • The starting job was Howard’s to loose
  • Howard operates the offense the best of all the QBs
  • Howard gives us our best chance to win

After WVU’s win over Georgia Southern we have heard these remarks:

  • The timing of some of Howard’s passes were off, but this comes from time working with the receivers
  • (Wait a minute)…..did he just spend the summer working on timing with Shelton Gibson, and wasn’t Howard’s passes short to Gibson, causing Gibson to have to come back to the ball
  • Holgorsen, “I like what I see in (QB) William Crest and I’m going to coach the hell out of him”
  • Holgorsen in Tuesday’s presser refused to talk about the play of QB Skyler Howard to the media
  • Earlier in the Presser, Holgorsen talked about Shelton Gibson and Jovon Durante having to come back towards the ball, whereas if the ball had been thrown on target, they would not have been tackled

Earlier in the season, the question was posed whether or not we’d see a rotation in QBs as we did in 2013. I stated then I felt we would, and I still believe we will. With Holgorsen’s statements since the Georgia Southern game, especially those about William Crest and refusing to talk about Howard’s performance against Georgia Southern, it would not surprise me one bit to see Crest start Liberty game this weekend as quarterback.

While Skyler Howard may be the best at operating the WVU offense, he isn’t close to being one of the better quarterbacks. The most accurate QB on this year’s team is Chris Chugunov, and the most athletic is William Crest. Against Georgia Southern, while Howard didn’t score a TD himself, Crest did score a TD running the ball.

Could we see Crest being used much like Ohio State’s Braxton Miller? Miller was never known for his passing ability, but opponents feared his running ability in high school and at Ohio State. I cannot say whether or not Crest can put a spin more on like Miller did in the Ohio State vs Virginia Tech game, but Crest does have deadly speed and some moves of his own. If you go back and watch Crest’s high school highlight videos you’ll see this.

Maybe it isn’t Howard’s timing with the receivers Holgorsen is talking about. It may be the timing of Crest or Chugunov with the receivers.

Howard didn’t turn the ball over against Georgia Southern. Which is one of the things Holgorsen wants from his QBs. If Crest gets the start and starts turning the ball over, then does Holgorsen go back to Howard or does he insert Chugunov? As far as speed and moves goes, none of the other WVU QBs can touch Crest, but when it comes to ball placement and accuracy, none can beat Chugunov.

My questions to you:

  • Will Howard remain the starter all season?
  • How many games will Howard start before Crest replaces him? Remember, Holgorsen really likes Crest and has stated he is going to “coach the hell out of him”.
  • Will Chugunov get an opportunity to start at QB this season?
  • Will we see Crest and Chugunov being used much like Ohio States QB Cordell Jones and HB Braxton Miller?
  • Was I the only one who after listening to Holgorsen’s press conferences following the Georgia Southern game that got the impression he wasn’t pleased with Howard’s performance?

GO EERs!!!

Feature image by WVMetroNews

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