Ken Curtis (Gunsmoke’s Festus Hagan) on Writing the Reading Right

While this may be somewhat off topic, I still believe it is relevant. No matter what any of us write, it should be truthful and supported by the real facts, and not hear-say or other misleading unsupported information. As a writer, I believe all of us need to pay attention to details, making sure what we right is supported by facts that can be proven.

We should all make sure what we write is grammatically correct and spelled correctly. I am as guilty as anyone of reading what I thought I wrote instead of what I actually wrote, and this is why we have editors. So, no matter if you are a writer or an editor, we all need to be more cognizant of details and proven facts.

As an example: Earlier in the week when former WVU QB Geno Smith was sucker punched and his jaw was broken, the first report out said this was over Geno not being able to attend a charity football camp due to a death. The real truth was that his brother was in a vehicular accident.

We are constantly seeing media reports that are false, and reporters having to correct themselves when the true facts are revealed. The media also has a way of slanting topics to excite its audience. What should happen is that reporters write and speak about actual occurrences, so each reader can form his or her own opinion.

In the following Gunsmoke clip, Ken Curtis (Gunsmoke’s Festus Hagan), makes it very clear in a comical way that we don’t know if the person who wrote the reading, wrote the reading right. – ENJOY

It is the responsibility of each writer and editor to make sure that the “reading we write is right”.

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