4 WVU Players Taken in the NFL Draft

Kevin White NFL Draft

Kevin White No 7 pick in 1st Round

Four WVU players were taken in the NFL Draft and two others signed free agent contracts.

Everyone knew that WVU WR Kevin White would be drafted in the top 10 of the 1st round of the NFL Draft. Being taken at No. 7 overall is the 2nd highest any WVU player have ever been drafted by the NFL. Adam (Pacman) Jones was the 6th player taken in the 2005 NFL Draft.

Obviously all the predictions were correct about White being picked by the Chicago Bears, and after the Bears called White’s name, you would have thought they had won the Super Bowl, from all of the cheers that erupted.

WVU did not have another player chosen until the 4th Round when WVU OL Mark Glowinski was taken by the Seattle Seahawks.

In the 5th round WVU DE Shaq Riddick was taken by the Arizona Cardinals.

In the 7th round WVU WR Mario Alford was chosen by the Cincinnati Bengals.

Then 2 WVU players signed Undrafted Contracts. WVU OL Quinton Spain signed with the Tennessee Titans, and WVU RB Dreamius Smith signed with the San Diego Chargers.

I felt going into the NFL Draft that we’d see Glowinski taken in the 2nd or 3rd, Alford be taken in the 3rd or 4th round. I felt Riddick may go in the 7th Round.

There was those WVU fans that felt that Spain would go in Round 3 or 4, but I was not surprised to see him and Smith go undrafted. I also thought there was a good shot at Riddick going undrafted.

Of all the WVU players who signed this weekend with NFL teams, those that I expect to become house-hold names for their respective teams in 2015 are: Kevin White, Mark Glowinski, and Mario Alford.

Kevin White will start for the Chicago Bears. Mario Alford will also get a lot of playing time on special teams. Alford also has a good teacher with the Cincinnati Bengals with WVU’s NFL stand-out Pacman Jones helping teach him how to play special teams. Alford should also get a shot to fill the Bengal’s need at slot receiver.

While Mark Glowinski will see playing time, I’m not so sure he’ll start until he develops and puts on a few pounds. Glowinski will most likely see playing time as a No. 2 OL for the Seattle Seahawks. I look for Glowinski to become a house-hold name with Seattle fans, for he has all the tools. The OL is the hardest position to play at any level of football, but I believe Glowinski will play a long time in the NFL.

Riddick is a player who could make it in the NFL, but he also needs to develop and it may take him a couple of years to do so. Riddick has a tough road in front of him, maybe if he had another year at WVU he would have been better prepared for the NFL.

Spain and Smith, will be cut first by their NFL teams. I think Spain has a better chance making it with the Titans than Dreamius Smith does with the Chargers. There are a lot of WVU fans that I know were disappointed when Spain was not drafted by an NFL team, for many felt he’d go in round 3 or 4.

With Kevin White being added to the Bears roster, Chicago now has two former WVU players on their team: Safety Ryan Mundy and Wide Receiver Kevin White.

The Seattle Seahawks now have 2 WVU players on its roster, with LB Bruce Irving who was taken the 1st Round of the 2012 NFL draft, and Mark Glowinski.

Shaq Riddick is the only WVU player on the Cardinals roster.

Mario Alford joins former WVU stars DE Will Clarke and safety Adam (Pacman) Jones with the Cincinnati Bengals.  Look for Alford to make a huge impression on special teams in 2015.

Quinton Spain is the only player on the roster for the Tennessee Titans that is a former WVU player, and Dreamius Smith will be on the only WVU player on the roster of San Diego Chargers.

If you are a Mountaineer fan then look for White to become a house-hold name for Bears fans in 2015, and with Mark Glowinski and Mario Alford’s names to follow in 2016. These 3 players should see much success in the NFL.

Riddick could also eventually become a house-hold name for fans, but in my opinion he has a lot more development to accomplish. While Spain and Smith have undrafted contracts, I’m curious to see where they are when the NFL season starts.

GO EERs!!!

4 thoughts on “4 WVU Players Taken in the NFL Draft

  1. I’m not so sure 7th is the highest a Mountaineer has gone in the draft, maybe offense. I think Pacman went 6th. Also at one point in this article you have Kevin playing for the Cleveland Browns, I hope that doesn’t somehow come true or he might as well retire now…..lol.

    • Furious Thor,

      It appears I and my editor both missed the Cleveland Browns comment. And you are correct, Pacman was picked 6th in the 1st round.

      Thank you for helping keep me straight!!!


      • George, I love reading your articles and I still read every one of them. If more people commented I would too but otherwise I just feel like I’d be talking to myself. Keep up the good work.

      • Furious Thor,

        I wish I too had more readers and more of the current readers would leave comments. Comments help me, and they motivate me.

        You may be interesting in knowing that, on some sites people think I’m crazy when I state that Holgorsen is looking for a QB to step it up in his passing game. One thing I know for sure a 40% completion rate won’t win many Big XII games. And I seriously believe this is why Holgorsen has not named Howard as the starter. One reason I believe this is that early on Holgorsen stated that the starter had to be able to run the offense and have a consistent passing game. And right now none of the QBs are passing well.

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