WVU’s Quarterback Situation

ACTION32Though Coach Dana Holgorsen keeps saying that QB Skyler Howard is the No. 1 QB, he has not named Howard as the starter for the 2015 season. If you saw Howard in action last spring and in the Texas A&M game, and again in this year’s Gold-Blue Scrimmage you would understand why Hologsen has reserved that decision. Howard completed only 40% of his passes against Texas A&M and only 40% in the Gold-Blue Scrimmage.

While Holgorsen hasn’t stated it, obviously he is looking for a consistent passer before naming the starter.  All the QBs proved they can move the offense, some better than others, but it was the lack of pass completions that stood out.

If William Crest is moved to WR, which I can see happening, then Chris Chugunov will move to the No 2 QB position. The best thing for Chugunov right now is to work on his own with the receivers over the next 4 to 5 weeks, and for Holgorsen to start giving him reps with the 1s in the fall. Even if Howard is named the starter, then Chug will be better prepared to operate the offense and to complete passes should Howard go down.

The only part of the offense that I’m happy and pleased with is the running back core. These guys are good and they are ready. I can’t say the same about the OL, WRs, or QBs. These 3 parts of the offense are struggling and very inconsistent. For this team to win more than 6 or 7 games in 2015, these 3 groups have to greatly improve over the next few months, they are not even close to being ready to take on the teams in the Big XII.

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