Breaking Down Holgorsen’s Latest Presser – Opinion

Reopening the Quarterback Position?



Prior to today’s open practice in Morgantown, Holgorsen met with the press to give them an update.

This is the O’Bryan analysis of his statements as well as the practice results.

It is evident that Holgorsen is very impressed with his defense, he even admitted that he hated to call certain plays against them.

He specifically bragged on the progress of Darrien Howard, calling him a different player from last season.

Holgorsen also announced the move of Daikiel Shorts (6’1”, 200 lbs) from inside to outside receiver. He added that if the season started tomorrow that the two outside receivers would be Shelton Gibson and Shorts.

He also said that he expected this to change when the other recruits arrive on campus.

When Holgorsen talked about the offensive line, he stated that the starters would be the 5 players who can play the best together and who trust each other the most. You could tell that he saw progress with this unit.

The 1-2 punch for the running game looks to be Donte Thomas-Williams and Eli Wellman. It appears that Wellman is beginning to resemble a certain ‘Run Away Beer Truck’ that played at WVU.

The biggest thing that I took from the presser was that it seems the quarterback battle is heating back up. Holgorsen announced that this was the best group of quarterbacks he has had since coming to WVU.

He talked about how smart they are, and that Chris Chugunov would be working with the 3s in today’s open practice in Morgantown. He also stated that David Sills had impressed him with his feet, but that he had some passing issues he had to work on, and had to start getting the ball out quicker.

Then Holgorsen made a statement that may have stunned some, when he said Both Chugunov and Sills will be getting more reps.

Take that as you choose, but to me this indicates that he has seen something during the practices to reopen the starting quarterback position to include Chugunov and Sills.

Earlier it appeared that the starter would be either Howard or Crest. However, after Holg’s statement today, it appears Chugunov and Sills are still in the battle. Holgorsen said these guys are smart.

It appears the growth and maturity of Chugunov and Sills and their ability to learn Holg’s offense, has put them back in the competition.

The other statement that Holgorsen made about his offense was that some positions may not be decided until the end of August prior to the first game.

Right now this team is in the learning process. There will be good days, bad days and better days. I believe expanding the quarterback competition and giving both Chugunov and Sills more reps during practice will only make all of the quarterbacks better. Up until now most of the practice reps have been given to Howard and Crest with Howard getting the most.

Even after today’s practice many reported passing issues with all of the quarterbacks. We heard the same after last weeks practice. The only way for Crest, Chugunov and Sills to get better is with more reps during practice, and by working with receivers on their own.

Even if all of the offensive starters are decided just before game time, it will be the Big 12 Conference games before this offense comes together, as they will have to compete against the Big 12 opponents in order to see what they are up against. Fans will recall the results of the 2015 season and the improvement that has been achieved in the 2016 season.

As a fan I like what I’m seeing, for this will be a year of building and growth for the offense. Hopefully, depth on all 3 sides of the ball will prevent or reduce rebuilding time in the future.

GO EERs!!!

Edited by Michael Walker

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