WVU’s Holgorsen Shows Maturity As Head Coach


I was impressed with Head Coach Dana Holgorsen’s latest presser! Bringing in more young coaches to help teach and train the players is good news. This will be a big help to the position coaches. Then he said he was hiring a new special teams coach, but you can bet Coach Joe DeForest will still coach the kickers and punters.

During the presser we were given some insight as to the five scholarship players who may be leaving: TE/FB Garrett Hope has moved to baseball, and is doing well. RB Dustin Garrison and QB Paul Millard have announced they are leaving. Holgorsen isn’t sure what decision RB Andrew Buie and CB Keishawn Richardson will make after they graduate in May. After National Signing Day, WVU had five too many scholarship players, but if Buie and Richardson move on, then the player scholarship issue will have taken care of itself via attrition.

It was evident during the interview that Holgorsen was not too concerned with the RB situation, as he gave praise to Rushel Shell, Wendell Smallwood, Dontae Thomas-Williams, and he announced that he is doing something this year, that I hoped he would do last year, and that is use 6’1″ 238 lb Elijah Wellman more as a RB.

Last year there was some talk about Wellman being the next Owen Schmitt, and now in 2015, Wellman may just get the opportunity to do so.

The other surprise was Holgorsen announced that redshirt preferred walk-on QB Austin Hensley would be competing for the Starting QB position. Holgorsen spoke well of Howard, Crest, Sills, Chugunov, and Hensley. Due to Howard’s playing time last year he is in the lead for the starting job going into spring. Holgorsen stated that while knowing being able to execute his office was a priority for each of the QBs, the QB must be able to extend plays, read defense and throw accurately. Holgorsen said that he wants one of these 5 QBs to step-up, take command of the offense and be the leader. In summary, no one has the starting position and it is up for grabs.

As far as the inside wide receiver position goes, it was evident that Sheldon Gibson is the clear leader here. Holgorsen is hoping that one or more of the other wide receivers steps up to give Gibson some competition.

I was also surprised to hear that Yodny Cajuste was looking good for playing on the offensive line this season.

Personally, I like what I’m hearing and seeing. What I’m looking forward to the most is the QB competition. What I enjoyed hearing the most was that a preferred walk-on was in the QB competition, and Elijah Wellman would be getting utilized more as a running back. These things are exciting to me. I want to see this work and the players’ progress and force each other to elevate their play. It was also good to hear Holgs is hiring a special teams coach.

I see the 2015 team as a much improved team due primarily to the talent of the players and coaches that have been recruited.


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