WVU Football – Student Walk-on Tryouts

I haven’t heard of  WVU Head Coach Dana Holgorsen hosting a walk-on tryout for WVU students since he first arrived in 2011 and was in search of Quarterbacks to help with practice.

The tryouts to be held on Wednesday, Feb 25 of this year appears to be position specific in the ad posted on WVUSports.

It plainly states that the coaches aren’t looking for specialists. Specialists to me would mean that the coaches aren’t looking for kickers, punters, long snappers, or quarterbacks.

With WVU only having 7 running backs on the roster, of which 4 have been starters, and one looking to start, this leaves only two running backs to work with the scout team. Can we rightfully assume that the one position the coaches want to add to is RB?

As it stands right now there are only two running backs for the scout team: r-Fr Prentice Tillman and this year’s Preferred Walk-on Brady Watson, who won’t arrive at until May.

There also appears to be a shortage at center, so we most likely could remove the position of center as from the specialist list. As far as I know there are only 3 centers on the roster and all 3 have game experience: Tyler Orlosky, Tony Matteo, and Stone Underwood.

Here are the totals for the other positions who are currently on campus, minus specialists:

  • DB – 18
  • DL – 13
  • LB – 13
  • OL – 15
  • RB – 6
  • TE/FB – 5
  • WR – 10

If all the 2015 recruits show up, the numbers should look like this:

  • ATH – 2
  • DL – 16
  • LB – 15
  • OL – 19
  • RB – 7
  • TE/FB – 6
  • WR – 13

As you can see by the number, WVU is light at running back. However, one or both ATH could be moved to running back.

For the curious few, 6’1′ 231 lb r-fr RB Dontae Thomas-Williams should see the field in 2015. He may see it a great deal.

One thought on “WVU Football – Student Walk-on Tryouts

  1. Article update: WVU currently has 95 players listed on the football team, and if all the recruits show up that number rises to 116. NCAA Rules limit team rosters to 105 players maximum. Which means that after all the recruits arrive WVU will have 11 more players than allowed by the NCAA.

    We have heard HC Holgorsen state that once all the recruits arrive they will have 90 Scholarship players which is 5 more than the NCAA allows.

    Even without gaining any more players through the Student Walk-on Tryouts, WVU’s roster will need to be lose 11 players, 5 of which have to be scholarship players. And for every player added form the Student Walk-on tryouts, one more will need to be removed from the roster.

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