WVU – Looking Forward To Spring

Commit: Ka’Raun White (Photo from WVUSports)

WVU players, coaches and fans have to be excited about Spring Practice.

The best competition on the field will be at quarterback. Holgorsen stated that this is the first time he has had five scholarship quarterbacks at WVU .

It seems unlikely that Paul Millard or Skyler Howard will contend for the starting QB position. The overall physical talent does not appear to be there

The real battle will probably be between Chris Chugunov, William Crest, and David Sills. Crest is the presumed leader going into the Spring with a year in Holgorsen’s offense.

However, he will have some stiff competition. Chugunov and Sills will not simply lay down and give him the starting job.

While Crest has the speed and Sills has the supplemental training, Chugunov has the strongest arm.

I was listening to Coach Mitchell today, and he said that during a visit to WVU, Chugunov hit something like 200 straight passes.

Mitchell also said that Chugunov was every bit as agile as Crest and Sills, even tough it does not show in his highlight videos.

Regardless of who wins the competition, WVU’s offense should be in good hands.

My biggest concerns going into spring are at running back and the offensive line positions. Rushel Shell was not overly impressive overall in 2014. Hopefully, Dontae Thomas-Williams and Elijah Wellman will step-up and show something special.

There should be less concern with the OL in 2016 considering the talent brought in this year. But for 2015 blocking must be improved, as that will primarily determine the success of the running game.

The other competition that should be fun to watch is at outside receiver. While Shelton Gibson may be the front runner, Ka’Raun White and Gary Jennings should provide competition. One of the two will likely see a lot of playing time in 2015.

Defensively, WVU will have tons of depth. Darrien Howard will much improved. Then we’ll see serious competition at every defensive position.

I expect at least six or more of this year’s recruits to see playing time. The only position I do not see a newcomer playing is on the OL. The OL is tough to learn and seldom does a new recruit start. It takes at least a year to develop an offensive lineman.

The most difficult position on the OL to play is center. A center has to call the blocking assignments for the line, snap the ball and block. Centers are special people, and not everyone can do it.

I’m looking forward to seeing the competition in the spring. I want to see to see if the OL can run block and give WVU more than just a semblance of a running game. That will be key to WVU’s success in 2015.

I don’t think anyone should worry about the passing game with all of the talent at both QB and receiver.

GO EERs!!!

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