What WVU Fans Want To See in 2015

DANA12015 will be Holgorsen’s 5th season as head coach of the WVU Mountaineers. There are those that believe that if the football team does not show further improvement it could be his last season. All the players on the 2015 football team will be players recruited by Holgorsen and his staff.

During Holgorsen’s first 4-years WVU fans have seen no ‘hard counts’ by quarterbacks, a mediocre running game, no routes designed to help receivers get separation from defenders, no blocking to set-up punt returns, and no trickery in plays.

WVU must establish some semblance of a return game. I actually felt sorry the punt returns for they always had defenders in their faces. While the returners have to take part of the blame, they were put in their situation due to a lack of blocking.

The fans blame the offensive line for lack of a running game. However, the offensive line isn’t entirely to blame as the running backs did little to help their cause. A back that can run with power and determination would greatly help the offensive line.

Fans want to see performance in the red-zone significantly improved. One of the best ways to increase red-zone success is to not just have a reliable running game, but a power running game.

WVU needs a back that  who will lift his feet, drive forward using his pads, and is willing to take on defenders. He must have the size and strength to run over a linebacker instead of simply dancing around the backfield.

A back that runs with fierce determination would be a much needed asset.

The defense must do a better job at getting pressure on quarterbacks and containing them, and they must be do a much better job at creating turnovers.

What many WVU fans want to see is a football team that is as exciting as Oregon. A team that can run a spread offense with Oregon tempo. In 2015, Holgorsen and his staff must show improvement in the areas mentioned, as well as some creativity with play design and calling.

GO EERs!!!

10 thoughts on “What WVU Fans Want To See in 2015

  1. I will be watching for your comments on 2015 recruits. my opinion is they placed too many eggs in one basket {miramar h s } then the dirt hit the fan. time was not on their side. cogdale was not on top of the situation could be the reason Tall was hired. what I read is marshall, cinncy, took some of these players. one item has always been in my mind, why wvu does not use Potomac state in Kyser wva was not used to hide players as the old PAC did in the 1950’s. I know for a fact Marshall used the J C in the 70’s. looking forward to reading your opinion on 2015.

      • I have not seen any new comments from you. so my question to you is did dana know that bradley was leaving when he hired coach tall?

      • Hello! I’ve been holding back until Spring Practice. I can promise you that I knew nothing about Brady until I read it online. However, I would be willing to bet that Holgorsen and the New AD knew of him being recruited by UCLA, before UCLA even contacted Bradley. I believe it is NCAA rule that institutions have to have permission from the AD before they can approach a coach about coaching position.

  2. yes I am talking about the rotation of their offensive line. I saw the same five players. I question the position coach, is he teaching line play? the last good line coach was tricket. now there is an excellent coach in pittsburgh Tom bradly would know him. his name is Dan Radakovich AKA “bad rad”. he coached with Joe Walton at Robert Morris University. also coached the steelers in the super bowl years. WVU needs help

    • Lol…lol…lol

      I am not sure what the problem is with the OL.

      I haven’t been happy with the play of the OL since Holgorsen took over as Head Coach.

      I blamed it on Bedenbaugh when he was there. Bedenbaugh leaves and in comes Crook who coached on the OL at Stanford, and I’ve seen no improvement.

      I think some of it has to do with the design of the offense under Holgorsen, another problem, I believe, is WVU just doesn’t have the talent to play it needs for the OL.

      Another issue could be the coaching. However, Bedenbaugh went back west and his OL there has played well.

      It could be a combination of all of these things or none of these things. However, this year we should know if the problem or part of the problem is coaching.

      This will be Crook’s 3rd season at WVU, and I believes the eyes are on him, and he needs to produce.

      • George, we are in agreement it is either talent or coaching. they have some big horses coming in this class. I hope they have good feet and hands. by the way crook was position coach for tight ends and tackles at stanford. nice chatting with you. I enjoy your post on alan taylor’s pieces yours are common sense.

      • Thank you kindly, Sir!

        I have been told I write from the heart. I prefer to write what I see. I got so mad in 2014 with the play of the OL, I sent Crook a video on how to coach the OL, and that was taking it too far.

        I’m concerned about NSD, tomorrow! WVU missed on some talent, primarily because they got in late. With that said, I like how they are already recruiting for 2016, for I feel there is some real talent here. I hope they can land some of it.

        Thank You again! I’ll be writing about he recruits after NSD.


  3. why is wvu using only five men on the offensive line? did they fail in recruiting or can’t develop men? I would enjoy your answer.

    • I’m not sure I quite understand the question.

      An offensive line consist of 2 tackles, 2 guards and a center which means there are 5 offensive linemen on the field for every offensive play.

      Now if you are talking rotation, WVU did, as far as I know only rotate in 3 other offensive linemen: Underwood, Matteo, and I can’t at this time remember who the 3rd one was. There have 1 or 2 more in the rotation. Who gets on the field is up to the coaches, and they have to chose from who is a available and ready to play. Injuries can limit who is and isn’t available.

      The offensive line is one of the toughest positions to play, and this is why most coaches redshirt 1st year players. It takes a year to develop an offensive lineman and get him ready to play.

      I hope this answers your question.

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