The State of WVU Football Going into 2015

4496-wvu-football-wallpaper-1280x960Where does WVU Football go from here?

Holgorsen was hired as WVU’s Head Coach because he was an offensive guru, and we saw some of this in 2011 and 2012. However, the team fell apart half way through the 2012 season, and 2013 was a total disaster. 2014 was an improvement, but there are still problems.

The best thing that we have seen since Holgorsen was hired is Tony Gibson being made defensive coordinator. Gibson has turned the WVU defense into a force to be dealt with in his first year as DC.

But what has happened to the high flying offense we saw when Geno Smith was throwing to the rock to Stedman Bailey and Tavon Austin?

During Holgorsen’s 4 years as head coach, the best season was 2011 when WVU thrashed Clemson in the Orange Bowl. During the following 3 years, fans have seen a team with a lot of turmoil. The most prominent has been wholesale coaching changes that have occurred almost yearly.

We can’t totally blame the quarterback situation on Holgorsen, he only had one QB when he arrived. He even had to go the student body to try and find people who could throw the ball during practice.

When the 2014 season started we heard that WVU had a plethora of quality running backs. Dreamius Smith and Rushel Shell were supposed to be as good as anyone. After a 12 game season and a bowl game loss, I’m still looking for those quality running backs.

We have seen the videos and heard the coaches recently talk about the RBs not running behind their pads, and not being able to escape ankle tackles. Wasn’t Shell a 4-Star Pitt recruit who didn’t know where he wanted to play, but ended up at WVU?

The point is, much of the hype we heard in 2014 about many of WVU’s offensive players has so far been unfounded. Yes, QB Clint Trickett and WR Kevin White did earn their accolades during the first half of 2014.

Wendell Smallwood also proved once again he is a very versatile back, and that he can play the game. But what about the rest of the offense? Will 2015 bring substantial improvement when the Mountaineers have the ball?

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