BIG 12 Officiating Is Among The Worst

Trickett get face masked - TCU

Big 12 officiating is among the worst in college football. During the TCU vs WVU game, WVU QB Trickett was tackled by the facemask and nearly had his head ripped off, and there was no flag.

The same player later dove into the back of the legs of a WVU lineman who was blocking. When TCU kicked its final field-goal it was evident that a WVU player was grabbed by his facemask to keep him from diving at the ball in an attempt to block it.

What gets me, is the guy who tried to rip Trickett’s head off and later dove at the legs of a defenseless lineman strutted around like he was the cock of the walk for committing another foul without a  flag thrown. Players like this need to be benched, for their type of conduct is completely uncalled for.

TCU ending field goal

I’ve seen teams go after these types of players in the NFL. A player begins to take cheap shots, then teammates start going after the offending players. Officials then have a tough time keeping these games in check.

On the other hand, if the officials would throw the flags and eject these players from the game, they would have a better chance of keeping these game in control.

I have yet to see a WVU player take retaliation to this type of play and go after an opponent. If they don’t start going after these ‘cheap shot’ artists, then the cheap shots will continue. Obviously the Big 12 officials are not going to make the call.

If a Big 12 player gets seriously hurt because the officials won’t throw the flag and eject these players, then the player and his family should sue the officials and the Big 12.

Big 12 officials are a joke, and in my opinion, are just as big of an insult to the game as is the ‘cheap shot’ artist. Coaches who allow this and don’t take it upon themselves to bench such a player are just as much to blame.

This was not the first time the WVU QB nearly had his head ripped off by a Big 12 opponent. It happened in the Oklahoma State game. Trickett even commented that he wasn’t happy having his helmet twisted when the guy tackled him.

God forbid, what happens if one of the cheap shot artists breaks Trickett’s or another QB’s neck and no flag is thrown immediately? Most likely they will be forced to throw it while the player is being carted off the field, but it may not be thrown at all. Either way you have an injured player.

During the Big 12 games I’ve seen this season, the cheap shots are not being flagged, and eventually a player will be seriously hurt.

I think the conduct of the NCAA, the Big 12, the officials, and coaches are setting themselves up for a big law suit, because they know this is going on and they are not doing anything to correct the problem.

I would like to see the conference administrators get involved and do like the NFL. They review each of these games, and if they see a player who is taking cheap shots, then they should bench the player for a few games and fine the officials for not making the call.

Waiting on a player to get hurt before taking this action is too little too late. Coaches should also be fined if they don’t pull the player themselves, even when a flag is not thrown.

GO EERs!!!

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