WVU Knocks Out Baylor

White - Baylor Game

Photo from WVUSports.com

                    THIS WAS ONE HELL OF A GAME and A HELL OF A WIN!!!

The beginning of this game reminded me of the start of my walk from the field to the Northmont High School Stadium Friday night.

As I was walking down the hill from the vehicle across a dry creek bed, I stepped on a rock that looked flat but rolled and I went down.

In the process, my other foot became stuck between two large pieces of concrete.

That is much like the way WVU’s offense started this game. It went down and struggled to get back up.

I had 4 different people helping me get up, and WVU’s offense got help from its defense. After I got up and got going again all was well, and the same went for WVU.

The game was a game of highlights, and you can’t say enough positives about how WVU’s backup players came in and played. WVU had both starting cornerbacks go down, but did not lose a beat when Ricky Rumph and Icky Banks came in.

Starting running back Rushel Shell went down also, and Dreamius Smith came in and did a great job. This proves Holgorsen’s contention that sufficient depth is mandatory.

WVU still struggles with the punt return game, but other than this WVU’s defense, offense and special teams played extremely well. I have been complaining about the lack of a ‘power running game’, but this game shut me up.

Baylor Head Coach Briles stated after the game that his team was not ready for the environment they faced in Morgantown. But didn’t Briles and his Baylor Bears play WVU in Morgantown in 2012? What Baylor could not handle was the pressure of WVU’s defense.

The WVU coaches felt if they could pressure Bryce Petty that he’d get happy feet, and that is exactly what happened. Petty’s passes were off the mark because he was under pressure and he was afraid of being hit. Petty was hit and sacked a few times and that rattled him, just as WVU thought it would.

Now here is the kicker: Bryce Petty is a Heisman contender and WVU’s third ranked passer in the nation, Clint Trickett, is not even on the Heisman watch list. Now if you think this is dumb, then consider this: The number 1 receiver in the nation is WVU’s Kevin White and he is also missing from the Heisman watch list.

Trickett is passing for over 300 yards a game and White is catching passes for over 100 yards a game. Also, WVU has played teams ranked in the top 10: Alabama, Oklahoma, and Baylor, and while they lost to Alabama and Oklahoma they have yet to be blown out by anyone, and are 5 – 2 for the season. The Mountaineers are also missing from the top 30 in the polls.

COME ON PEOPLE!!! How about showing the Mountaineers a little love.

The irony is that WVU’s defense is at the bottom when it comes to turnovers, for they have recovered no fumbles and have only 4 interceptions in 6 games. But Its DBs have proven they can run and hang with the best. WVU is no longer a team with DBs that cannot compete. The starters are talented and the backups are just as good.

Baylor had been putting up huge numbers passing and running the ball, but not today. Baylor only ran 79 plays against WVU, passing for 223 yards and rushing for 95 yards. WVU ran 85 plays, with 322 yards passing and 134 yards on the ground. Baylor’s’ Byrce Petty was 16 of 36 attempts for a QBR of 24.2, compared to WVU’s Clint Trickett who was 25 of 35 attempts for a QBR of 83.6.

Which one deserves to be considered for post season accolades?

Kevin White is the number one receiver in the nation with 1020 yards. The number 2 receiver in the nation is Rashard Higgins of CSU with 963 yards. How many watch lists is he on?

What happens if the Mountaineers run the table and finish the season 10 – 2? Will they get any love? If you listened to the sports analysts today, all the talk was about TCU beating Oklahoma 31 – 30.

WVU upsetting Baylor was no more than a passing thought, for the other headline was Baylor being knocked out as one of the final 4 teams that will get into the playoff. It really did not look like an upset. The better team won.

If WVU can continue to play as they did today against Baylor, they could win out. If they do so, what are their chance of getting into the playoffs? It appears with Baylor’s loss, TCU is the medias new fair haired child.

GO EERs!!!

2 thoughts on “WVU Knocks Out Baylor

  1. Kevin White broke 1000 yards in the game against Baylor, so it looks like your numbers are a week behind there. Great win for this team. I am looking forward to more great wins this year.

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