WVU vs Texas Tech: 2nd Half a New Beginning or Just a Fluke?

In the WVU vs Texas Tech game, two halves could not have been more different. The Red Raiders completely dominated the Mountaineers in the first half by a score of 21 – 10.

Everything Texas Tech tried on offense seemed to work, including three long touchdown passes from quarterback Davis Webb to receivers Devin Lauderdale (34 and 76 yds) and Jakeem Grant (43 yds).

The WVU defense was out of place, not applying pressure and leaving deep receivers wide open.

Meanwhile, Mountaineer receivers were double covered on the deep passes and the running game was very mediocre.

Apparently, some serious corrections were made at halftime as WVU won the second half on offense as well as defense.

The Mountaineers outscored the Red Raiders 27 – 13 to score another comeback victory, the biggest of the 2014 season. The defense even rose to the occasion to hold TTU to a field goal after a Trickett fumble as well as a single touchdown.

Trickett managed to find his inside receivers as Jordan Thompson broke the 100 yd mark with a touchdown as Kevin White managed  123 yds. on 13 catches with a score on the outside.

For the first time since 2008, two WVU backs gained over 100 yds. with Wendell Smallwood gaining 123 yds. on 15 carries and Rushel Shell had 110 yds. on 24 carries with two TDs.

The defense made stops when they had to and gave the offense an opportunity to mount the comeback that is the opposite of last year.

The question remains, was the second half an aberration or are the offense and defense both finally clicking? Next week should tell as the Mountaineers host number 4 Baylor.

2 thoughts on “WVU vs Texas Tech: 2nd Half a New Beginning or Just a Fluke?

  1. Hand the ball off to Cody CLay again! NOBODY expected that, and he gained four yards. He may have simply told Trickett, “Give me the ball once or I’m gonna kick your ass!” That would work.

  2. With Baylor coming to town this Saturday: How do you see WVU confusing Baylor’s DBs?

    1 – Comeback Routes (I believe it was the MD game that White ran a comeback route)

    2 – Crossing Routes

    3 – Sending White on a deep slant instead of a post, and sending Alford on a shorter slant at the same time

    4 – Other

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