WVU’s Win Over Texas Tech – A Game of Headlines

Holgorsen TT game

Photo from WVMetroNews

This past Saturday WVU went from a lackluster win over Kansas to one that can only be described as a game of headlines.

Whether the headline was about inside receiver Jordan Thompson, outside receiver Kevin White, running back Wendell Smallwood, running back Rushel Shell, the defense, or kicker Josh Lambert.

It could have been Coach Holgorsen jumping into the arms of defense end Shaq Riddick or of him hugging Josh Lambert.

This was big win for WVU because they came back from being down 11-points at half-time, and a very emotional win for the players at the end of the game.

This was the first time WVU has beaten Texas Tech since entering the Big XII. WVU would have most likely lost this game in 2012 and 2013, but not this day.

I was listening to Coach Holgorsen’s post game speech, and the part that stuck out to me was when he said, “I was yelling and screaming at the players in the 1st half when they came to the sideline, and it wasn’t working, so I shut up and let the coaches’ coach.”

One of the half-time adjustments WVU made was going to a man-on-man defense with the secondary, and it worked.

I follow a couple of blogs, and so far I haven’t seen a post calling for Coach DeForest to be fired. Yes, WVU has some issues with the punt return game. However, DeForest is also the coach for the kickers and punters as well as the safeties.

This was the 2nd game this season that kicker Josh Lambert hit a game winning field goal. And when the safeties had to man up they did, and they played well.

It was tough to see Holgorsen having to burn the redshirt of defensive lineman Darrien Howard. However, as last season, Howard came and made his presence on the field known.

Howard and Shaq Riddick led WVU’s defense by getting pressure on Texas Tech QB Davis Webb. WVU had failed to do this in the 1st half. This pressure lead to safety K.J. Dillon getting his first interception of the season.

Last season WVU lost 4-games such as this one either in the 4th quarter or in overtime. What a difference a year makes.

When Tony Gibson was promoted to Defense Coordinator there were a lot of shaking heads in Morgantown. Slowly but surely more people are singing his praises.

Gibson and his defensive coaching staff have definitely turned WVU’s ineffective pass defense to one that has to be reckoned with.

While I haven’t seen any bloggers wanting rid of Coach DeForest after the Texas Tech game, I’ve seen a few singing the praises of Coach Holgorsen and stating he should stay.

I don’t see WVU having a game against Baylor like the one TCU had this weekend against them, and I don’t see Baylor putting up 50-points or more against WVU.

I believe this could be the breakout game for WVU’s defense getting turnovers. This game will most likely go down the last few minutes or seconds of the 4th quarter.

If WVU’s defense can match up with man-on-man coverage, shut down the running game, and get pressure on Bryce Petty they should have a good shot at winning this one.

GO EERs!!!

2 thoughts on “WVU’s Win Over Texas Tech – A Game of Headlines

    • Pastor Danny,

      My mother’s family was Ole Regular Southern Baptist. I still remember my grandparents bodies laying wake in their home for 3-days while several Baptist preachers prayed and sang over the bodies for 72-hours. Thus, I have no problems with Baptist.

      And just so you know, I was raised in the county where Snake Handlers Church started. I even attend a few of those services with some of my mom’s family.

      So matter the religion, as long as you are a True WVU fan, then all is good.

      GO EERs!!!

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