WVU DE Dontrill Hyman: How Bad is His Knee Injury?

By Michael Walker

WVU senior defensive end Dontrill Hyman has been playing and practicing on an injured knee. That was obvious during and especially after the Oklahoma game. The 6’4″ 288 lb. JC transfer was in obvious pain on the sidelines and could not bend his knee as he walked off the field.

hyman-dontrill(1)Why has there been no mention of the injury by the coaches or athletic department? A little investigating revealed that Hyman’s knee has been scoped and his cartilage is damaged.

Hyman needs corrective surgery but it is apparently being put off in case he is needed to help secure a desperately needed win. That is very noble, but what about Hyman?

If he plays one more down this year he cannot take a medical redshirt. His college eligibility ends this season. The promising North Carolina product then misses the combines and any chance at a future NFL career.

WVU coaches announced today that talented but inexperienced 6’6″ 242 lb Shaquille Riddick will start and Hyman will play if needed. Are you kidding me? Play within a week of arthroscopic surgery?

The right thing to do would be to give Hyman a medical redshirt and replace him with Riddick and 6’2″ 285 lb sophomore Christian Brown. Coach Holgorsen and WVU do need wins, and they will come.

But sacrificing the future of a young man to do it is not the right way.

Photo credit: WVUSports.com


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