Oklahoma Out Runs WVU

Oklahoma Loss

If you have been following me, you know I have been critical of WVU’s running game. Anyone who watched tonight’s game witnessed exactly what I’ve been talking about. WVU couldn’t run inside or outside, and could not stop Oklahoma’s running game.

Oklahoma ran the ball 46 times for 301 yards. WVU ran the ball 40 times for 137 yards. Oklahoma averaged 6.5 yards a carry and WVU averaged 3.4 yards a carry. I actually had hope for WVU at the start of the game when they had a couple of runs between the tackles for 5 and 7 yards, and then it was the same-o same-o.

In general, teams that can run the ball well, can also stop the run. Right now WVU is struggling at doing both of these.

All 3 kickers were the stars of WVU Special Teams. Nick O’Toole had a 52 yard punt, and Josh Lambert kicked a 54 yard field goal. Michael Molinari did a good job with his kick-offs driving them into the endzone. These guys played very well.

I felt sorry for Clint Trickett for he was under siege by Oklahoma’s defense. There won’t be steak dinners for the offensive line this week. I felt Trickett was just trying to throw the ball away near the end of the 1st half, but his pass was pick-off.

Trickett was definitely off tonight, for he was hit hard a few times and that may have affected some of passes, for some of his pass were off the mark and others I felt were too hard. However, he got little help from the offensive line, and at times his receivers didn’t help him either.

Kevin White played the best of all the receivers. Both Mario Alford’s and Jordon Thompson had tough catches. Alford’s went for a TD and Thompson’s got WVU a critical first down.

Andrew Buie and Rushel Shell both ran the ball well when they had blocking up front. Shell’s determination got him the touchdown, and was one of his better runs as a Mountaineer. Dreamius Smith also gave a valiant effort.

WVU struggled on all sides of the ball against Oklahoma. The Sooners took away the run, and then they not only took away the deep pass, they took away the short and intermediate pass by getting pressure on Trickett. WVU receivers could not beat Oklahoma’s coverage.

I was concerned about this game after watching two of Oklahoma’s 1st three games. One reason for my concern was that Alabama averaged 5.5 yards a carry against WVU. WVU had 4 turnovers against Maryland and 4 more against Oklahoma.

Maryland had a punt return for a TD and Oklahoma had kick-off returned for a TD. WVU had no yards against Oklahoma on kick returns and only 5 yards on punt returns. Maybe special team play needs to be added to my list of concerns going forward.

With all this said, WVU could go 8 – 4 this season. No Big XII Championship or national title for WVU this year. However, WVU may gain some needed respect.

To get in the hunt for a national title, WVU needs to not only have a good passing game, but it needs a running game that can compete with the big boys. A good running game starts up front with the offensive line.

I wish WVU football the best! Enjoy your week off!!!

GO EERs!!!

2 thoughts on “Oklahoma Out Runs WVU

  1. I don’t know! WVU has not played well on Special Teams since Don Nehlen was head coach. WVU lost 2 games to LSU due to Special Teams.

    To steal a line from Nick Saban, “wins come from good execution of the details”. Even though this team is better than the 2013 team, there is still lots of room for improvement across the board.

    If WVU truly intends to compete for the Big XII Title and to get into the NCAA Play-offs it has a lot of work to do.
    – the OL has to block better
    – the offensive backs have got to block better
    – Special Teams, except for the kicking game needs work every where else
    – The defense has to do a better job at playing assignment football, getting turnover, tackling, and getting sacks
    – WVU needs more than 2 quality receivers. Another receiver must step up to the challenge

    I used to think Bedenbaugh was the issue, but with what he has done with Oklahoma’s OL, it wasn’t Bedenbaugh. I don’t know if the problem with the OL is Ron Crook, the talent he has to work with, or what Holgorsen wants to do. WVU hasn’t had good run blocking in years.

    The one thing you have to give DeFo credit for is the kicking game which has greatly improved since he took over. Also, the play of the safeties has improved. Thus, if you get rid of DeFo you may not like the result of the kicking game or the effect it has on the Safeties.

    I think WVU needs a DL and Special Teams Coach. Let DeFo keep working with the kickers and the safeties.

    I though Riddick was supposed to be this big stud DE, and he has done nothing. I also think that the speed of Darrien Howard and his athleticism would be a great help to the DL. However, he has been redshirted.

    It was obvious that Trickett was ticked at Vernon Davis on Saturday, for Trick was laying him out.

    I don’t know what the answer is. Is better coaching needed, or more talented and athletic player. Hopefully, with the 4-star commits for 2015, more 4-star and maybe a couple of 5-star will commit.

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