WVU: Impressive In Domination of Towson

Trickett TD Towson

Photo from WVU Sports

We have recently heard from several coaches that football teams improve the most from game one to game two. Tonight, WVU was impressive on all sides of the ball in their second game.

It was great to hear the names of Isaiah Bruce and Andrew Buie being called tonight for their play. I felt Buie out played Dreamius Smith.

The game highlights to me were Mario Alford’s amazing catch in the end-zone, Shaquille Riddick’s safety, Buie’s 30-yard run, and two quarterbacks scoring touchdowns.

I thought WVU played extremely well on all sides of the ball. I loved how they swarmed on defense. Tackling was much better that against Alabama.

The other thing that caught my attention was everyone appeared to protect their lanes. Kyle Rose and Christian Brown both played well. Noble Nwachukwu had a very good game, Nick Kwaitkoski, Xavier Preston, Karl Joseph, Dravon Henry, Darly Worley, and this list goes on.

I saw significant improvement from the defensive line and linebackers.

Offensively, Trickett was once again very impressive, and so was Kevin White, Mario Alford, Rushel Shell, Daikiel Shorts, Wendell Smallwood, Cody Clay, Elijah Wellman, Jordan Thompson, William Crest, Andrew Buie, Vernon Davis, and everyone who played on the offensive line.

The offensive line did a much better job at run blocking tonight.

I believe I heard Holgorsen say that he played 96 players tonight, and that is great. That gives needed experience going forward. It was evident that these guys played hungry.

If I were talking with Holgorsen, I’d believe he’d agree that the red-zone is an area of concern, and so is making field goals, as Josh Lambert has missed two in as many games.

I truly felt that nearly everyone who played tonight for WVU, played very well including the back-ups. I was impressed with the running ability of William Crest. I knew he was fast, but I did not realize he ran as hard as he did and was that tough to tackle.

My hat goes off tonight to the players and to the coaches. Tony Gibson, Tom Bradley, and Damon Cogdell did an excellent job at getting these guys ready for tonight’s game. They got a lot of pressure on the QB, and when the QB scrambled he just scrambled into more WVU players. This was impressive. I don’t believe Alabama could have ran up the middle tonight.

While there was gang tackling I didn’t see any square dancing going on. I did see a whiff or two, and there was a few hard hits.

I did disagree with the officials: Cody Clay made a good catch and should have been awarded the touchdown. Maybe next time Cody! You made a good catch, and I’m sure your coaches and teammates agree.

I hope we continue to hear the names of Bruce and Riddick called along with the names of Rose and Brown, as well as many others.

During the game, I followed a few of the blogs, and it was very apparent that the WVU fans were more than happy with what they saw. I saw many comments from people who had doubted Trickett, but he has made believers out of a lot of doubters, and so has coach Holgorsen. Tonight many of these doubters were singing nothing but praises and ‘Country Roads’.

Congratulations to the coaches and players on a well-played game!!!

Good Luck against Maryland, and keep up the hard work!!! You guys are getting there.

GO EERs!!!


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