WVU Football – ACC Officials Tide’s Twelfth Man?

By George O’Bryan –

Photo credit: CheerAll.com

Photo credit: CheerAll.com

While the ACC officials did not keep WVU from beating Alabama in the Chick-fil-a Kickoff Classic in Atlanta, they did help Alabama keep drives alive.

In the first half the Tide was about a yard and half short of a first down, and the officials gave them a first down. Later on the officials brought the chains out and measured before giving ‘Bama a 1st down.

The football needed a few inches of chain to reach the pole, but the officials gave the Tide a first down. The announcers commented that if a team got remotely close to a first down the officials were going to award it..

The call against Dravon Henry for pass interference in the end-zone was bogus, and then there was the ticky-tack holding call against Brandon Golson.

When WVU WR Jordan Thompson was tackled and an Alabama player stood over him with his arms crossed, this was taunting and it was never called. There were several taunting, pass interference and questionable calls that were never flagged and should have been.

In the 4th quarter it was two bogus calls against WVU that kept Alabama drives alive and Alabama scored on both if these drives.

While officiating did not keep WVU from winning the game, they did help facilitate ‘Bama’s win.

This type of officiating cannot be tolerated by the NCAA or by any of the conferences. I don’t know if Holgorsen or Luck is going to file a formal complaint, but they should.

When the camera shows the ball is short of a first down when measured with the chain and the chain is overruled, that is flagrant. If the NCAA is going have play-offs it will not work with this type of officiating.

If these officials are not punished then not only does the integrity of the game come into question, but so does the integrity of the NCAA and ACC. This type of unethical conduct should never be allowed to influence the outcome of a game.

GO EERs!!!

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