WVU Football: Tradition is Key

flaming football

Tradition is one of the key reasons why WVU will win the Chick-fil-a Kickoff Classic in the Georgia Dome against Alabama.

When no one else believes in you, you have to believe in yourself. This is a West Virginia University tradition. As far back as the 1981 Peach Bowl, the 2006 Sugar Bowl, the 2008 Tostito’s FiestaBowl, and the 2012 Orange Bowl, we see WVU football teams creating the ‘tradition’ of winning against overwhelming odds when no one else believed they could win.

This year the team has adopted “BLEED” as their motto. Bleed for themselves and Bleed for each other. There are other words and slogans that have been used in the past, such as “Don’t Leave Your Wing Man.”

These slogans have been used to describe the attitude of these teams attitude in past games: “Play Faster”and “Hit Harder”. The most memorable was Coach Bill Stewart’s “Leave No Doubt” speech.

When the 2014 Mountaineers enter the Georgia Dome on Saturday, August 30th, you can believe they will ‘Play Faster’, ‘Hit Harder’, and more importantly they will ‘Leave No Doubt’ that they are the better team on the field.

If you have listened to the interviews of the coaches they seem to be a little smug. They act as though they know something the fans and the media doesn’t. When you listen to the players there is an aura of belief in themselves and in each other.

For the first time since Holgorsen has been head coach, he has depth, talent and experience at all positions. WVU has a few new players that will become impact players.

Holgorsen has singled out safeties Edward Muldrow, and Dayron Wilson, QB Wiliam Crest, LB Xavier Preston, and WR Shelton Gibson for praise.

Holgorsen said that true freshman XavierPreston has made his way into the LB mix and depth chart. He also stated that Gibson didn’t know just how fast he was, all Gibson knows is that he is fast, has good hands and can stretch the field.

Holgorsen added that Gibson also does not realize just how good he could be. These are all good things.

Have no doubt that WVU has the kind of speed that spreads and extends a defense. WVU not only has speed on defense, but also on offense.

Do not doubt that these WVU players will honor the tradition of past WVU teams and will ‘Leave No Doubt’ on the field who is the better team that day. The Mountaineers will once again prove the sports media and a nation of college football fans wrong.

GO EERs!!!

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