WVU Football – Are the Mountaineers Cupcakes?

Opinion by George O’Bryan:

I was watching EPSN this week and sports analyst Trevor Matich inferred that the Chick-fil-a kickoff game was a ‘cupcake’ for Alabama.

According to Matich, WVU would be a ‘cupcake game’ for Oklahoma and a few other Big 12 Teams. I don’t know about the WVU Coaches, players and fans, but I take offense to this moron calling any college football contest a ‘cupcake game’.

According to ESPN’s Kirk Herbstreit, WVU was going to be nothing more than a pastry snack for Oklahoma in the Tostito’s Bowl. The same was said about WVU when they met Clemson in the Orange Bowl, and we all know the outcome of those games.

Just once, I would love to see ESPN have the game announcers face the WVU coaches, players and fans after WVU dominates, and then see what they have to say.

I hope the coaches take this and put up something in the locker room at WVU and the Georgia Dome, to get the players all hyped and pumped up for the game.

Calling WVU a cupcake for Alabama or anyone else should be enough to get their adrenaline going. I seriously doubt WVU is a pastry selection for anyone this year, and ‘Bama won’t be winning the ‘Chick-fil-a game’ on August 30th.

I believe WVU will have either a 9 – 3 or 10 – 2 season and will play in a bowl game. I think WVU will start off the season 5 – 0. Yes, I say WVU will beat Alabama, Towson, Maryland, Oklahoma and Kansas.

Just so everyone knows: WVU isn’t a ‘Cupcake’ for anyone.

GO EERs!!! Beat the Tide and show ESPN who the ‘cupcake’ is!!!!

3 thoughts on “WVU Football – Are the Mountaineers Cupcakes?

  1. Thor: Yes, WVU will be very competitive. I do expect them to win the game. While most networks have came out against WVU and raving over Alabama, sports analyst for Yahoo, believe Alabama will fall this year and that they will struggle. I’ve been listening to Saban recently and you can tell he is worried about his team. He talks about players being out of camp, and players not being in shape. He has stated that WVU could be an easy win, providing WVU’s defense didn’t show up, but if the WVU defense shows up it could be a different story.

    Saban seems concerned about WVU defense, and he should be. This game belongs to WVU!!!

  2. Thor, you may very well be right, but I’m not sure the Tide has an answer for the short passing game with 250 lb linebackers. If there has ever been a time for Jordan Thompson to cut loose in a real game, this is it.

    If Shell can hit a couple of decent runs the pass will open up. Oklahoma had the recipe to exploit Alabama. Just speed it up.

    No dynasty lasts that long in college football. Two of ‘Bama’s best defenders are nursing sprained knees. Anything could happen, either way.

  3. I am not going into this game expecting to win but I am going in expecting a highly competitive game and I am very hopeful for a win. I think we do have a much better chance of winning than the rest of the country is giving us. Especially since the rest of the country is not only sure that we will lose but that we will also be destroyed. I can’t wait to see what we put on the field this year. We are bowl bound.

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