By: George O’Bryan


Elijah Wellman                                        Owen Schmitt

Elijah Wellman   Owen Schmitt

Owen Schmitt (#35) was labeled by the announcers of the 2008 Tostitos Bowl, as the “Run Away Beer Truck”. He has also been called the “Freakiest Athlete” of the last decade. It was said that he was just might be insane when he played for the Seattle Seahawks.

Owen Schmitt might be Insane

The Legend of Owen Schmitt

According to WVU Head Coach Dana Holgorsen, WVU may have another Owen Schmitt type athlete on the rise in #28 Elijah Wellman.

Holgorsen said that they were doing goal line scrimmages and were giving the ball to Wellman, and he smiled and said, “now this was fun” for it reminded him of plays he had seen by Owen Schmitt. He added that Wellman runs the ball like Schmitt.

Holgorsen stated that Schmitt was a much better receiver and had better ball handling skills, but he hope that Wellman turned out to be like Schmitt. Holgorsen was smiling big the whole time he talked about Wellman.

Tribute to Owen Schmitt

Elijah Wellman Senior Highlights. If you watch Wellman run, he runs like Schmitt, for he bowls over people.

I was impressed with Wellman’s high school highlight videos. I remember a video I watched where he said he loved to hit people. Schmitt once stated what he liked about football was it allowed him to hit people without going to jail.

If Wellman can run like Schmitt, then look out. And if he can improve his ball handling skills, then the Big XII better watch out. Schmitt ran like a mad bull, and from what I’ve seen in Wellman’s highlight videos he does also.

It’s evident that Wellman also likes running over people. My advice to defenses this year, if you see #28 coming at you wearing a WVU uniform, get out of the way, or else you may find yourself on your backside with him still running.

I was always a huge fan of  Schmitt and he is the reason I purchased my first WVU football Jersey. Like Holgorsen, I hope that Wellman becomes the next Owen Schmitt.

I’m glad to see Wellman getting a chance to run the ball this year. Wellman may not out run defenses, but he will punish those who try and take him down. Only the season will tell if Wellman can become WVU’s next Owen Schmitt. I wonder what labels announcers and sports writers will tag Wellman with this season. If it were me, I’d label him “The Beast II“, for Schmitt was “The Beast”.

Perhaps the bigger question is: Will Wellman get a Mohawk?

             GO WELLMAN!!!         GO EERs!!!


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