Are You Growing Tired of the Dire Predictions For WVU?

Are you growing as tired and weary of the national, and some local, sports writers and reporters with their ignorant yet arrogant predictions about WVU as I am?

Those who have preconceived notions or know nothing about WVU are predicting a year as bad or even worse than last season.

I just heard a national prognosticator say Alabama will ‘blow West Virginia off the field’ in Atlanta in the season opener.

What does he base that on? Why is it used as filler for local sports news outlets? It is a classic example of pure bias and ignorance of what is obvious.

This year’s Mountaineer team is as different as night and day from last year. Fifteen defensive players are not likely to be injured again. Nine freshmen will not see the field on defense this season.

The quarterback will not have to play with a serious injury and without really knowing the plays or signals. It will not be a guessing game where the ball will go when the center snaps it. Center Tyler Orlosky is dead on and quick with the snaps.

The linemen are all leaner and quicker, yet stronger. Questions regarding positions such as defensive backs, receivers, and defensive linemen are being answered with surprising success.

The head coach, who’s career could be on the line, is confidant and relaxed. That tells me something.

Just like every other year, not a single prediction or prognostication by so called college football experts will effect the outcome of a single game or be worth a point in a final score.

The players and coaches will determine the outcome of every game. The final rankings will look nothing like those of the pre-season.

And WVU has a chance to be good. This year and beyond. Will they be? Tee it up and let’s find out!

2 thoughts on “Are You Growing Tired of the Dire Predictions For WVU?

  1. Ask Georgia, Oklahoma, and Clemson how easy we are to “roll-over”. Becuase if you listened to any announcer going into those games we had no chance. Leave no doubt.

  2. Michael, not only are the major and non-major sports networks talking about Alabama rolling over WVU in the Chick-fil-a Bowl, but they keep talking about Holgorsen’s job being on the line.

    WVU’s AD Olive Luck has already stated this isn’t so, and according to the Rival Poll, due the upgrade in recruiting, fans don’t want Holgorsen to go even if he has a losing season.

    Undoubtedly, these sports analyst either can’t read or don’t listen.

    I read the other day, that former WVU Coach Don Nehlen, who has been to some of the practices, was asked if Alabama would roll-over WVU in the opener. Coach Nehlen responded with a resounding “It won’t happen”!

    GO EERs!!

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