Holg n Fans

In a recent Rivals ‘Blue Lot’ poll, the majority of readers agreed that even if WVU had another losing season Holgorsen and his staff should be kept due to their recruiting. Currently, WVU is ranked 24th in the nation with its 2015 recruiting class.

I read many WVU football blogs, and while there are Holgorsen haters, there are many more supporters. One important Holgorsen supporter is WVU Athletic Director Oliver Luck.

Luck has stated he anticipates that WVU may have another losing season, but that Holgorsen’s job is secure because he agrees with the direction Holgorsen is going with the team. There are many fans in agreement with Luck.

It is also apparent from reading the posts in these blogs that more and more fans are beginning to believe in the 2014 Mountaineer football team. WVU fans, for the most part, like what they are seeing and hearing coming out of training camp.

Many fans are not only liking and supporting this group of coaches, but they are behind this football team and believe it is one of the best and most talented teams WVU has had in years.

They seem to believe that this year’s team will be very good, but 2015 will be even better. Fans truly like the recruiting job Holgorsen and his coaches are doing and the talent they are bringing in.

The other news coming out of training camp from both the coaches and players is how well the coaches are getting along. If a coach sees player make a mistake, no matter who the position coach is, he corrects it.

Coach Dawson said no one coach can see everything, so they help each other out. Dawson said they all appreciate the others help. Some of the players have also commented on this in their interviews.

Players are also helping each other. When a player sees a teammate make a mistake he helps him correct it. The players talk about running around with each other the weekends and doing things together.

Players who have been on the team prior to this year state repeatedly that is this team is tight and very close. Even in practice they tease and have verbal jousts. At the end of the day, it is all about the ‘team’.

While many sports analysts and sports networks don’t believe in this year’s football team, it is slowing becoming apparent that WV and its WVU fans are slowly becoming believers and joining the group of hopeful fans.

Perhaps the biggest reason for the buy-in other than recruiting is the depth on this year’s team. WVU is 2, 3 and in some positions 4 and 5 deep.

WVU has a very talented group of running backs who can also be used as receivers. The safeties and linebackers are a hard hitting and speedy group, and most have Big XII game experience.

WVU could be the Cinderella team of the Big XII this season. Two things are certain: (1) A growing number of WVU fans believe they will beat Alabama, and (2) Win or lose, Coach Holgorsen’s job is safe.

GO EERs!!! 

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