No One Can Convince the WVU Players They Cannot Win

No one can tell the WVU players they will not win this year. These guys obviously believe in themselves, their teammates and coaches. Despite what others expect, they are now convinced they not only have a chance to be successful, they openly expect to.

I have been watching college football for nearly 50 years and I can say with total confidence based upon player and coaches interviews, this team believes they are winners. Will they be? No one really knows at this point, but they do have talent, depth and incredible commitment to succeed.

The Mountaineers also have a solid coaching staff with an obvious winning mindset. The coaches and the team apparently do not believe they are the 68th best team in the nation, not by a long shot. They know they are much better than that and are anxious to prove it.

PuskarWeightRomm_NewThe 2014 WVU players are filled with confidence and enthusiasm and have been all winter, spring and summer. It showed in the winter workouts under the direction of the Director of Strength and Conditioning, Mike Joseph, his Assistant Director Darl Bauer, Director of Speed and Development, Kevin McCadam and the rest of the staff, Andre Wadley and Chad Snodgrass. The opening of the third largest, state of the art workout facility certainly did not hurt.

You can see it in the videos of the player workouts and the running of Law School Hill by Dougity Dog as well as the coaches’ player assessments in the BlueGoldSports videos. The liberalized rules regarding player meals enhanced the value of the weight room.

There were questions about starting quarterback Clint Trickett’s shoulder and health. Those have clearly been answered by Trickett, the coaches, and his fellow players. He is healed, throwing well, and Coach Holgorsen has full confidence in his improvement over last season.

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