WVU Football – Why Not Us?

Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson asked in an interview, “Why not us?” in reference to the Seattle Seahawks winning the Super Bowl, and the Seahawks went on to win Super Bowl XLVIII.

New York Jets QB Geno Smith, has also used these words recently in reference to the chances of the Jets winning the Super Bowl.

But this article is about WVU football, and the YouTube videos produced by Dougity Dog Sports Production. Doug Cross of Dougity Dog has applied the question ‘Why not us?’ to WVU football and its fans regarding the Mountaineers chances of winning the national championship.

He is doing this with his videos of the WVU football team. Dougity Dog is screaming to the WVU coaches, players, and the fans the question, “WHY NOT US?”.

Mountaineer Head Coach Holgorsen stated in an interview recently that the more fifth year players a team had, the better the team due to experience. His statement makes sense.

However, each year the NFL draft is made up of many 3rd year players, and each year we see true freshmen and rookies becoming stars of their teams. Does a team really need 20 or more fifth year players to win a national championship? I think NOT!

To win a national title, you don’t need a team made up of all 4 and 5 and star recruits. The Cincinnati Bengals are a testament to this. The Bengals  had the most talented team in the NFL for years, but they were unable to play together as a unit or team and seldom reached the play-offs.

The Bengals were unable to win with star athletes who cared more about “I” than “Team”. I’m sure the same can be said about NCAA teams.

What Dougity Dog is saying by his videos it simply this: “All WVU needs are good players who will play not only for themselves, but primarily for the team. It is about putting team first.

It isn’t about their individual egos. It is about doing everything they can to help the team win. To the credit of those WVU players who have been interviewed this season, we hear a lot of “Team”, “Us”, etc. and little about I.

The only “I’s” comes when asked a direct question where “Team” or “Us” can’t be used. Watch the Dougity Dog videos asking the question, “Why not us”?

WVU Football 2014: The Future

WVU Football 2014: Climb

WVU Football 2014: Hitters

WVU Football 2014: Bleed

Each one of these videos contain a powerful story about the WVU football team. Stories of victories of past WVU teams, stories of success, and more importantly, the building of the 2014 Football team.

The message of the videos illustrates what a team can do when it not only “BLEEDs” for each other, but what can happens to players when they “BELIEVE” in themselves and are willing to sacrifice themselves for TEAM.

The best example of this come from the 2008 Tostito’s Bowl. We all remember Head Coach Bill Stewart’s speech “Leave No Doubt”, but one of the the most significant parts of this speech was “Don’t leave your wing-man”. What Bill Stewart meant was, “Sacrifice yourself for the betterment of team!” Or if you prefer, ‘Bleed’ or ‘Finish’.

Coach Bill Stewart’s “Leave No Doubt Speech”

When my kids were growing up and they chose to do something, such as play a sport, they were not allowed to quit during the season.

They were not required to play the next season if they didn’t want to.  My dad taught me never start something without finishing it, and to do it right the first time.

Can WVU start the 2014 season at 4 – 0 and go on to win not only the Big XII Title, but the national title? If you listen to the media, the answer is an unequivocal “NO”.

WVU begins the 2014 season ranked 68th. Most analysts and odds-makers believe WVU will win no more than 3 or 4 games this season, and that Alabama will run all over WVU in its opener in the Chick-fil-a Bowl. No one is giving WVU a chance.

Yet no one gave WVU a chance in the 2008 Tostito Bowl when they beat Oklahoma, and when a nation felt WVU had no business on the field against Clemson in the 2012 Orange Bowl, we all know what happened.

WVU won both of them handily and instead of taking a beating, WVU handed out an “Ole Fashioned Butt Whuppin”!!!

Can WVU win the Big XII Title and the 2014 National Title? My answer to you, the team, the media, the odds makers, and the Mountaineer fans is: “WHY NOT?”

GO EERs!!!

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