WVU Football: What We Learned From Big 12 Media Days

1461125_742072759153507_980398352_nOne thing we knew going into this year’s Big 12 media days is that the media has little love for WVU, and the lack of attention WVU received was evidence of that. Even when WVU Head Coach Dana Holgorsen was present with other coaches in interviews, he was usually ignored.

Things we learned:

  • WVU punter Nick O’Toole has lots of charisma – funny, though only WV media really interviewed him.
  • Not only did Holgorsen not get much media attention, but neither did the players he took with him: Nick O’Toole, Daryl Worley and Kevin White
  • Freshman Dravon Henry is working out the first team at defensive back.
  • Holgorsen had known since last season that Trickett would be the starting QB, and that he was just waiting on the doctor to release him to return to practice before doing so – There was really no QB competition for the starting job in the spring
  • Only 3-QBs are currently getting reps: the majority of the reps are going to Trickett and that Crest is also getting reps. Hmmm…I wonder who the third QB is?
  • We learned that WVU has 55 players that have played in Big 12 games, and that Holgorsen believes he now has enough depth to make it through the season.
  • We know that Shelton Gibson will be getting playing time this season.
  • We learned that there is no love lost between Nick Saban and Bob Stoops.
  • We know that while WVU was mostly ignored by the national media, they follow every word coming from a member of the SEC.
  • The media is focused on scandal and was digging hard to find dirt about cheating within the NCAA, wanting to know if the coaches felt it was more prevalent today than in the past. This was such a hot topic, it consumed the coverage of media days.
  • It seemed as though the local media was wanting some big story from Holgorsen and the players, and hoping they would reveal something – some dirt probably – but they got nothing.
  • The media did stir the pot between Nick Saban and Bob Stoops with the “Consolation Game” comment, and between Nick Saban and Steve Spurrier

Overall – no extra needed attention was drawn to WVU, or perhaps no unwarranted or unwanted attention was drawn to WVU. I did find it interesting that FSU QB and Heisman Winner Jameis Winston received little attention for not being punished for stealing crab legs. I guess someone paid the store for them, so the store dropped the charges. Since the charges were dropped, Winston was not responsible so no punishment was required or needed by the coach………Now I’m confused.

GO EERs!!!

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